Know The Girl

I hate introductions, I hate telling everyone who I am. And may be that's the reason why the 'About Me' section on this blog is so vague. Introductions are stupid, as stupid as Manmohan Singh saying the hikes in diesel wouldn't affect the people.

But let's get over with it once in for all and then don't dare ask me who I am or Shin Chan will declare a war against you.

I am Ritika, 20, a Software Engineering student. A little introvert, not exactly a conversation starter. I have a small family but it means the world to me. A sister who is my biggest enemy and my greatest friend. I love food and hate to travel. I always end up in foot in mouth situations and surprisingly enough, I never regret them.

Ten 'Interesting' Facts About Me :
(There is nothing really interesting about it, read it at your own risk)

  • I still chew my nails, its a stress buster. Whenever I am panicking I just start chewing my nails and everything gets so much easier (Shhhhh, don't you dare tell my mother !)
  • My room might be a total mess but my wardrobe is always neat and clean. I hang my clothes according to colours, seasons and occasions. I also have a few outfits separately kept that I wear when I don't know what to wear
  • I have really small feet. I am a 4 or a 35. The plus side - I can go to the kids section and all those cute ballerina style sandals fit me !
  • I always need a white blanket when I sleep. I can't sleep with any other coloured blanket
  • I eat at least 7 vada pavs a week, and a minimum of 5 McVeggie's from McDonalds (If you haven't had that burger, seriously you are missing out on a lot)
  • I never hand my phone to anyone else. Not my parents, not even if a teacher sees me using it during college hours. There is nothing in it but I am still terrified, don't know why
  • I scan the local newspapers everyday just to find out about the latest 'Melas' in town. I just love those roller coasters and other rides they have. Though its definitely difficult to force people to come along 
  • I am addicted to  'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. There , I said it . It wasn't that hard, was it ? But now I am never letting anyone know where I live or I might get life threatening messages.
  • Also, I love PSY's Gangnam Style, I try to dance like him but I just can't :(
  • I don't know how to cross a road. I don't know how to drive a 2-wheeler. But I still drive cars sometimes. Don't ask me how, my dad asks me the same question everytime. Of course, he never sits in the car when I am driving, or rather no one does. But hey I am a good driver okay ? I have never hit anyone, and a few times I almost hit people. it was definitely there fault. They shouldn't be walking on the road when they know I am driving, right ?

11 Random Facts about me -
(Updated 4th March '15)

  • I can't manage money
  • I go to McDonalds and order the same thing every single time
  • I feel there is a parallel dimension where all the Game of Thrones characters come to life
  • For me, Food=Life and Life=food
  • I still can't drive but since I live in Bombay now, I blame it all on the traffic
  • I feel like I am the most disinteresting person ever, but I dont let anybody know that
  • I am still addicted to Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • I have a playlist in my phone called 'Masala' which has all teh dhinchak bollywood songs in it
  • I wear a 20 year old watch which belonged to my grandfather and I just refuse to buy a new one ( I want to buy a new one but I just cannot find a watch which is as good as the one I have right now)
  • I will never ever have enough clothes in life. NEVER
  • I can;t post anything until I get the correct title for that article
  • I use bullet points instead of numbers so that I can get away with writing less. Itne paise mein itna hi milega :P