This blog is about my daily ramblings and random observations. Sometimes stupid stuff too.

I had been toying around the idea of blogging for a long time. I had been actively around the blogosphere and reading different views of many different people. Having already written some articles on a few websites, I wasn't really happy. Yes, they meant instant money but I wanted the freedom to be able to write anything that was on my mind whether it was right or wrong, bad or good. Then I was thinking what my blog should be all about, it was difficult to decide on one topic because there were just so many things in this world to discover. So I let it be just about me, and all the things I loved and hated.

I was in a very depressed state of mind when the blog was created.
It would be an understatement if I say my life was screwed. I was abso-bloody-lutely screwed.
And so that night and I opened my laptop at 2AM, and history was created.

Today, after almost 5 months, I don't regret it, not even a bit. I have never been happier, this blog has actually helped me look at positive side of things. I no longer care how I am perceived by anyone, as long as I am satisfied with what I am doing. I might be alone, but I am sure not lonely. When I want to talk to someone, I just have to write a blog post. And surprisingly, I found some good friends on the way too, which I had never expected. They know who they are so they should better stop smiling.

All in all, time well wasted I say