Plateauing at Quarter Life Crisis

By Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Quarter life crisis hit pretty hard. There were some goals I set for myself and I was supposed to reach those goals in with two years.

But, I ended up achieving all of those goals in a year. I was at the finish line and yet, I felt more lost than I was at the starting line. I had worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to achieve those goals, and yet, I wasn’t happy, content, or satisfied.

What now? — was a question that kept bothering me everyday. I had become so obsessed with the journey that the final destination didn’t even matter anymore.

I knew I had to slow down, find a balance in life, and may be think about spending a little bit of the money I had made. 

The thing about life is, we all want that upward trajectory and climb the hill to get to that comfortable plateau. But when we actually get to that plateau, we don’t feel like we deserve that comfortable stage — We want to keep hustling and climbing upwards.

The past year has been about me finding a way to be comfortable with plateaus and accepting that plateaus are just as necessary for long-term growth. If you keep hustling and working 14 hours day, you will burn out eventually and start hating the work you loved so much. 

Plateaus don’t mean you are stuck at a place, it means you are going forward at a steady pace. A pace which lets you have the work-life balance you deserve. It means you are able to work 6-7 hours on the weekdays, have a long breakfast, cook your own dinner, go for a run, and most importantly, you don’t feel rushed. You are in control, more than ever. 

So, till the time I find my next big goal, I’m going to find a way to be comfortable with the steady pace that I’m in right now. 

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  1. Thoughtful piece indeed!
    Two things comes to mind: Perhaps the plateau is meant for each of us to pause and admire the splendid valleys (prudent sacrifices) below. Also, wonder how it might feel on finally reaching the zenith, if it so exists.
    Would love to pick your brain on the same :)