Dear 19-year old Ritika

By Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The great part about having a blog is that you can literally go back in time in a few scrolls and read about how stupid you were 5 years ago (or 5 days ago, in my case)

As I scrolled through my old blog posts, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Like everyone, I wish I was smarter and wiser, and may be had someone like my current 24-year old self to guide me through.

I couldn't help but wonder what exact advice would I give to my 19-year old self.. and the results were hysterically revealing. Here, I have pulled quotes from my old posts and I try to give the old 19-year old Ritika some honest and brutal worldly advice.

I have always hated these fairy tales ever since I was small. And if someday I wanted to be a princess, I would go and buy my own tiara, and pretend I am the princess of my own world.

I certainly won't need any prince for that.

Its 2012, I think its time for us to ditch these ever so old stories and make our new ones.

Dear 19-year old Ritika,

Its 2016, and I say tiaras are expensive as shit. Why not invest? I hear SIPs are all the rage these days (Plus you get a tax deduction up to 1.5 lacs)

This life is too big to be around people constantly criticizing you and trying everything to bring you down. And these kind of 'pseudo friends' are something I could never handle.

Dear 19-year old Ritika,

And I still can't. You are preaching to the choir sister

I always thought my dream was too big or too stupid to come true but how can I say that so confidently when I haven't even tried?

Dear 19-year old Ritika,

Girl, you didn’t even know your dream when you wrote that. Don't you try to fool me with your big, magical words.

Going over the good parts, I finally bought a new phone this Christmas, Xperia S and its freaking amazing  (1.5 GHz processor, 32GB inbuilt memory, 12MP camera, super awesome display- need I say more ?)

Dear 19-year old Ritika,
Well, that phone turned out to be shit. Who buys a Sony phone, anyways? 
But guess what? It is still working and your cousin is using it until the day it gives up. 

PS - One day, you will buy an iPhone with 16 GB memory and still be okay with it. Well, because you will be paying for it too.

There are people who quit their boring corporate jobs, 

to do what they really love. 

Its like being on a vacation everyday of your life.  

There are people who travel to exotic places for a living. 

They wake up to a different experience everyday.

Me? I am just a plain jane,ordinary,average- 

many teachers called me that in school. 

I was always scared in taking risks. 

I always liked my life constant without any change ,in other words boring.

Dear 19-year old Ritika,
Sometimes even the most boring people can change and take risks. And when they do, they realize that everything that they ever wished for is possible. All you have to do is try.

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  1. You weren't so bad when you were younger...and you're talking about SIPs at age 24?? At that age I was still preoccupied with exploring music and cool looking bands...not that that has changed much since then.


    Do drop by mine.

    1. Hahaha.. I guess time teaches us everything, even SIPs :)