TV Thursday - Stranger Things

By Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stranger Things was mainly marketed as a scary/ ghost show. I only get time to watch TV in the night and I just didn’t have it in me to watch a scary show at night, all alone. So, on a long train journey back home, I finally gave the show a shot. 

I had only planned to watch 2-3 episodes in one go. But I ended up watching the whole season. And the last time that I happened, I was watching Game of Thrones Season One. 

About Stranger Things

In a small town where nothing really happens, a little boy disappears and nobody can figure out how or where. At the same time, a little girl appears who calls herself Eleven and doesn’t really say much.

The show is divided into several story lines, but the people in all these story lines have one single motive - to find out the reason for the strange things happening in their town. The entire show is set in the 80’s which makes everything all the more interesting.

As I mentioned before, there are different story lines in the show: 

  • A group of small boys whose friend has just gone missing, and then they meet a strange girl who can move things with her mind. (She is basically Kid Magneto)

  •  There is the mother of the boy who got lost. People think she is crazy, but she claims she can feel her son’s presence around her house.

  •  A teenage girl’s best friend also goes missing in a strange way, and she takes it upon herself to find her. 

  • Then there is a tired cop in the town who has a gut feeling about the incidents happening but nobody believes him either. 

This is all I can really say without giving out any spoilers, and trust me, you will find a lot of nerve-wrecking moments in the show.

Overall, Stranger Things is a gritty and very interesting show. There is no dull moment, and the fact that I watched the entire series in one go, really says a lot. If you are thinking of binge watching something this weekend, try Stranger Things. 

Indian Screw Up's Rating - 5/5

On a side note , I found the show very influenced by the song Titanium’s video. If you have watched Stranger Things, let me know what you think about the similarities.

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  1. This is an absolutely brilliant show. They have channeled the essence of the 80s, the best of Steven Spielberg and definitely the atmosphere of Stephen King (even better than he himself would have done?) - I loved this show. Like you, binge watched it from start to finish. Those kids are magnificent... how is it we struggle to find really talented young actors of this age while these guys find them so easily!?

    1. I don't think they had it easy, they must have conducted hundreds of interviews.

      I loved Winona Rhyder in the show. That was a tough role and she absolutely nailed it.

      Though, I am still worried about what happened to Barb