I Just Called to Say I Love You

By Monday, October 10, 2016 ,

Seriously Stevie Wonder, I don’t care how good your song is, it’s 2016 and no one calls anyone to say that they love them. Everybody texts.

Well, technically, people only ‘text’ when they don’t have the internet, otherwise
they use WhatsApp or iMessage.

It was different generation before mobiles, where there were no caller ID’s and the biggest problem of our lives was the small cords on the phones that couldn’t be dragged out of the room.

Remember when the phone lines would jam on New Year’s eve just when the clock struck 12? Or when the phone would suddenly get connected to a different line and before you knew it, you were in the middle of a conversion where a couple was arguing, instead of discussing 10th class maths questions with your best friend.

Side note - This was also the time when George Michael and Ricky Martin weren’t gay.

Call me old school, but I miss the landlines and not knowing who is really calling. That excitement when you rushed to the phone to pick it up, even when you knew nobody was supposed to call you.

A more quieter and peaceful time if I must say. After all, we didn’t sleep with our landlines on our side. Now, there are 4 phones between people when they sleep.

Dear Mr Wonder, how are people going to call someone to tell them they love them when they are on their Snapchat all the time?  

But you know what I miss the most? Those rotary phones where you had to spend hours just trying to dial a single number, and then wait another hour for the beep beep beep.

There was a time when our phones were a part of our life, and now they are our life. We can live without a lot of people in our life, many of us are in long distance relationships, and we claim how hard it is. But you know the hardest long distance you would have? Your and your phone!

And I am not even talking about a big distance, just keep your phone 20 steps away from you for a day, and see how you feel.

If an aluminium and glass object can make you feel so sad, we need to change the priorities in our life.

Now I am not saying I don’t like my iPhone, I love it. I can carry my whole life with it. I can do my work and listen to Stevie Wonder’s songs. But maybe sometimes, we don’t need to carry our whole lives in a phone. Sometimes, we can keep it all aside and call up our friends to just talk.

Call someone today to tell them you love them.

Until next time


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  1. What a lovely post and I agree. These objects have taken away the real meaning of so many conversations.

  2. The thing about telephones is so so true! The unexpected nature of the call, and the knowledge that someone is actually spending time and money to enjoy a moment of conversation with you is really heartening. I mean, with the age of free texts via WhatsApp, who really calls up anyone?

    Loved this post! :)

    1. I know, right?

      I think it was just about the fact that someone took the time out of their day, to call you and talk to you

  3. Really true!! Some people claim like by text we are holding a memory in device, but I believe that won't make pleasant memories. When we speak out in calls that will be a freezing moment in their mind and it will stay pleasant.

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