The boat kept sinking, deeper and deeper

By Monday, October 24, 2016

This is my first, and probably the last attempt at poetry

The boat kept sinking, deeper and deeper
And all she could see was the dark blue ocean, laughing
She didn’t know how she got there, neither did she know
How she she could get out. 

All she could feel was the salty water filling up her lungs
All she knew was that there was a hole in the boat
If only there was a way to float 

She could try screaming but there was no one around
Nobody would hear her dying even if she drowned 

The time was passing by so quickly and yet everything felt so still
She couldn’t help but wonder if someone wanted her killed

In this world without a beginning or end,
You can’t tell whether the people are looking to befriend or descend
And we cannot know everyone’s intent 

With only a few minutes left, her mind was filled with a million thoughts
But there was one which overpowered all
There were a lot of things she planned to do in her life, but didn’t
After all, she thought she had eternity 

As she took her last few breaths She remembered - Humans are mortal,
And even their undying hope cannot save them from death
Yes, there was a hole in her boat, and someone did it
But she didn’t care 

As the last moment of her life neared,
All she thought about was the things she didn’t do
And words she didn’t say out loud 

After all, she thought she had eternity
But the boat kept sinking, deeper and deeper

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  1. Hi Ritika Loved the thought, "..thought she had eternity" it is true for many people today. Also i just started freelancing so looking forward to read your blogs for tips and tricks!

    My everyday's banters in my tin(y)sel town

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