What if You Could Travel in Time?

By Monday, September 19, 2016 ,

What if we could time travel? What if someone at this moment is time traveling through 2016?

Imagine you meet someone today - in the bus, the metro, or the side of the street, and they are not from this time of the world, or this century. There are travelling through time, may be to just discover how world was, may be to defeat villains, or to kill aliens.

Lately, I have been watching a lot of time travel-themed TV shows and I couldn't help but wonder - What if humans finally create a time machine in the future and start travelling back in time?

Where is the Tardis? 

What if there is a Tardis waiting for us to open the doors. It might look like just another door from the front, but inside, its vast and full of mysteries, it could take us to places we never have. All we have to do is believe.

It's not the idea of time travel that fascinates me, its what we can do while travelling in time.

One of my most favourite episodes from Dr Who is where the Doctor takes Vincent Van Gogh ahead in time to 2010, to show him how much the world appreciates his art. 

Now if you have been living under a rock, and you don't much about Vincent Van Gogh, he never became famous during his lifetime. People hated his paintings so much so that they wouldn't even take it for free. And now, the same paintings are auctioned at $100 million a pop. 

Now that's a Van Gogh I would like to own

(For future references, if I get famous after I die, please build a time machine and show me the future.)

Was Einstein right?

We often hear a common term from Einstein's Special relativity theory - Space Time Continuum. It states that time can speed up or slow down, depending on how fast we are moving.

That is why it has been shown and assumed that the Flash can time travel. He runs so fast that he creates a space time continuum.

Now, the Flash might be a piece of fiction, but Einstein's theory is not. In fact, there are many theories by Einstein that scientists are still trying to prove.

In 1916, Einstein theorized the existence of gravitational waves. It took a good 100 years for scientists to finally prove this theory when they actually found gravitational waves.

What if, in another century or so, scientists prove time travel too?

Though, the time travelling concept pushes on an even bigger question -

Can we avoid the inevitable?

From what I have learnt from time travelling shows (and trust me I watched a lot of time travelling shows), there is one concept in common - You cannot avoid the inevitable.

When the Flash tried to go back in time to save his mother, it created a Flash Point. When he came back in time, his mother might have been alive but Batman was dead and so was the Justice League. So, in the end, he had to put things as they were.

The Doctor might have managed to get Van Gogh out of depression, but he still died when he was supposed to die.

What's so good about going back in time, if you cannot change things in the past? We have all made our fair share of mistakes, wouldn't we want to change them? 

Or perhaps, we deserve to live with our mistakes. After all, we have also learned a fair share of lessons from them.

What kind of people would we be if didn't learn from our mistakes? What kind of people would we be if we didn't respect the most precious resource in this world - Time.

You can buy more land, more clothes, and even more time travelling shows (with Netflix), but you cannot buy time. Whether you are rich, poor, old or young, every one on this earth only has 24 hours a day, no less, no more. 

While I would love a Tardis of my own, I don't think people should get that special advantage. Unless, you are the Flash, or the Doctor, in that case, you deserve to time travel.

Until next time

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  1. Perhaps some things are never meant to be invented in the first place.

    Based on your observations of Flash and poor Mr. van Gogh, Time machine leaves mankind more insecure and wanting to cut corners (even impossible ones). You see, as the wise ones tell - Ignorance is bliss, rest is all bound by imagination :)