I am Still Pissed About How I Met Your Mother Finale

By Wednesday, September 07, 2016 ,

Kids, remember 2014? 

It was the year Dexter survived, Jesse Pinkman survived, even Joeffry Baratheon was alive back then, but guess who died?

The mother. 

It's been 2 years, and I am still pissed at How I Met Your Mother finale.

Last week, I was getting bored and I saw How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and I thought, it can't be as bad as the new Get Down series so I started the very first episode and ended up watching the whole 8 seasons in a week. Yes kids, that's what happens when you get Netflix.

If you are a HIMYM fan, you might remember that the show actually has 9 seasons. But I just couldn't bring myself to watch the 9th season again. In short, I was not in mood for torture.

Watching the show from the very first episode reminded me what a great show HIMYM was. Some of the jokes from it will never get old. And yet, I cannot fathom what made the show writers kill the mother and have an entire season dedicated to Barney and Robin's wedding. Poor Marshall and Lilly just got 2 episodes for their wedding and they didn't even get divorced!

I could have made peace with how the show ended, but the way the ending was approached was just bad. There were a lot of things I hated about the last season of HIMYM, including:

  • Why make an entire season about Robin and Barney's wedding?
  • More than Ted, Robin was in love with Barney, for years. That was the reason she left Ted's apartment and got her own place. 
  • I understand Ted was supposed to end up with Robin, but why kill the mother in the process? Moreover, why name the show after her?  Also, how did she die?
  • There was so much build up about the mother when she was first seen in Season 8 finale, but honestly we didn't see much of her the whole season 9
  • So Marshall became a judge and then got into politics, but what happened to Lilly's career? Did she become an art collector or not? Do the writers not care about her career? #feminism 

A few weeks after the finale, it was revealed that the show runners had shot another ending which finally made its way through, but I never saw it before because I was just so pissed. But this time, I did watch it, and I have to say, the alternate ending is much, much better. 

In case you haven't watched it too, here it is:

There was a time when I really liked HIMYM, I still think it has one of the best title songs (after Game of Thrones and Madmen, of course) but it will never make it to my cult favourites list because of its final season. 

Also because I never got to know what happened to that damn pineapple?

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