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By Thursday, August 04, 2016 ,

I binge watched two seasons of the Flash this past week. I actually watched its first episode last month, and I was really impressed with the story which made me watch the whole thing.

Honestly, I had no idea he was called the Flash because he was hit by a flash of lightening! Mind = Blown.

But now when I think about it, it seems so damn obvious. Ugh. DC Comics characters always leave me confused.

When a particle accelerator blows up in Central City, the dark matter combined with a lightening storm make Barry Allen, the fastest man alive - The Flash.

What I like about the Flash is its wittiness, which provides the perfect icing for the scientific base the show follows. The thing about being the Flash is, Barry can go so fast that he can go across the space-time continuum and travel in back or ahead in time. Again, Mind=Blown.

There are many speed villains in the show who can run just as fast as the Flash, or may be faster. One of them, goes back into time to try and kill Barry as a child, but instead kills his mother.

And it brings me to a well established theory..

Why do all superheroes lose their parents in their childhood?

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool, Ironman, Flash, Arrow and even Jessica Jones (Yes, I am going to add her to the list because she is the only female super hero I like. Also, she is the only female super hero who isn't sexually objectified . Catwoman wears slimy latex while Superwoman and Wonder Woman wear short skirts.)

So, if your parents didn't die when you were a kid, you can't be a superhero?

Anyways, there is an interesting theory presented in the Flash which I really liked - There is not just one Earth, but infinite. All of them vibrate at a different frequency, and that is why, they cannot see each other. Basically, its a parallel universe theory, for each planet.

Each version of the Earth has our doppelgangers, they look the same as us, but they might not be exactly like us.

I couldn't help but wonder, if there are really parallel , what would my doppelganger would be like? Would she have the same life, the same dreams, and the same Netflix binge-watching list?

The Flash also deals with another interesting theory - the Butterfly Effect.

When Barry travels back in time, if he makes any different decisions in the past, it impact the future, and not just him, but everyone around him.

When the same thing happens in the comic version of the Flash, and Barry goes back in time to make a major change (I am not trying to give much way), it creates a Flashpoint,which did not just impact Barry's life, it impacted the entire Justice League.

As Barry runs back from the past to the present, he realizes Batman is dead, Joker is dead, Superman never became Superman, he is in an alien facility and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are actually villains. In fact, there is no Justice League at all.

Flashpoint will be the focus of the Flash's next season. But of course, this is a TV show with not the same budget as a movie, so there is no way we will see all that. It will just be contained to Barry's life.

That reminds me, the new Justice League is coming out in 2017 and there is a new Flash in it - Ezra Miller, and I already don't like him. (He wears lipstick to match his suit. Also, why is his suit so tainted?)

Between him and Ben Affleck, I don't thing I can make myself watch any of the Justice League movies.

Overall, the Flash is a complicated show, but its fun dialogues and intriguing story line is nothing less than captivating.

Indian Screw Up's Rating - 4/5

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  2. Shubham M Sharma24 August 2016 at 20:13

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    1. Hi Shubham

      I am super sorry, I ended up deleting your comment by mistake :(

  3. Oh no you don't like ben affleck and ezra miller,warner should immediately recast or they would lose 0.0000000001% of their audience.AND All JUDGEMENT BASED ON A FAN-ART IMAGE FOUND ON THE INTERNET

    ps.How about you wait until you hear how those actors actually do in their roles before making stupid comments?

    1. Well, technically, you are the one making stupid comments here. Not to mention, you are doing that with an 'anonymous' tag, so I am guessing, you are way too afraid to come out.

      1- That is not a fan art image. That screenshot is from the official trailer of Justice League 2017, which was released in the last Comic Con.

      2- Nowhere did I say that they should be recast. All I said was I wouldn't be watching it.

      Now please take you your negativity somewhere else.