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By Thursday, July 28, 2016 ,

Just like all the other challenges I have done on this blog, I kinda, sorta, failed on this one too. But, guess what? Just like everything else in my life, I am not quitting on this one too.

Yes, sometimes I screw up, sometimes I make mistakes but I think its all about learning from mistake and moving forward.

Anyways, this post is not about my usual rant, its about the show I binge watched this week, well, technically, I binge watched it three weeks ago.

I had watched the first two seasons of Arrested Development on TV and I knew I needed more.

This show is a cult comedy, which for me, comes in the same category as Friends and Modern Family. You can see the episodes over and over again and never get bored of it. (I am re-watching an episode right now)

The show is about a very crazy family, the Bluths. Their head, George Bluth goes to jail for embezzlement (which he definitely did), and his son (Michel) takes charge of their company to keep everyone together. 

George Bluth has four kids - GOB, Michael, and Lindsey, and Buster.

See why GOB is in caps ? That is because its an acronym which stands for
 - George Oscar Bluth. If I ever meet Arrested Development's writers, I would just want to ask them how they came up with GOB.

Michael has a son, George Michael ( Not that George Michael)

And Lindsay has a daughter Maeby, with her husband Tobias Funke. 

And of course, there is the matriarch of the house, Lucille Bluth. Honestly, I haven't seen a character like Lucille Bluth, ever. It's like when you combine Claire Underwood and Cersei Lannister together, except Lucille is funnier even when she tries to kill somebody. 

The show has been shot documentary style with a narrator talking in the background, except there are no confessionals like Modern Family.

The cast on the show is amazing and I think that is the reason why the show is still so popular (The first season came out in 2003. If you can't imagine how long that was, then here's a fact that will help - The actors were still using Nokia phones in scenes).
While I cant write separately about each character I really want to talk about some of my favourite ones.


Played by Will Arnett, GOB wants to become a legendary magician, or illusionist as he likes to call himself.

Always looking for an approval from his father and brother Michael, GOB gets into the worst situations possible, and then comes his patent line - What have I done?

Not to forget, he tries the most ridiculous illusions, and always, always fails. Though, I love how Final Countdown always plays in the background when he is trying to do an illusion.


If you think you are a momma's boy, you certainly haven't met Buster. He reminds me of Rosesh from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, except Buster isn't gay. In fact, he starts dating his mother's nemesis who has the same name as his mother - Lucille. 

But to avoid any confusion, everyone refers to the other Lucille as Lucille 2. 

By the way, Buster gets attacked by a Loose-seal in ocean and gets his arm rip, and he becomes - half man, half machine. 


Tobias is Lindsay's husband, and he is a Never Nude. To know what that means, I really think you should watch the show. Tobias says the most atrocious things and he has know idea how stupid it sounds. 


As I said, Lucille Bluth is one of my favourite characters ever. She is cynical, she is selfish, she uses people and she ain't afraid to say the truth. 

Indian Screw Up's Verdict - 5/5 

Arrested Development is a cult comedy, and I am pretty sure, I will be watching it for the next decade and more. 

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  1. This show is really classy. This post refreshed my memory. Have to watch it again to have a good laugh :D