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Okay, so in order to push myself to write more on my blog I have decided to post here at least twice a week. I don't know if I will succeed in following what I just said, but I am going to try my best.

So, there will be posts on every Monday and Thursday.

Mondays will be more of my normal rants about life and philosophy, while Thursdays will be about TV shows.


Because I am really into TV shows and I think more people should binge watch.

I always thought how different I was from my mother, after all, I didn't stay up all not just to catch a really stupid Saas-Bahu serial, and then I realized - we are really the same. The only difference is, instead of hindi TV shows, I watch stuff like Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

Talking about Game of Thrones, did you manage to watch the last episode? My prediction was so spot on! (Contains spoilers - Do not click if you haven't watched Battle of the Bastards)


A Time Traveler's tale, that is what Outlander is. 

The protagonist, Claire, who served as a combat nurse in the Second World War goes to Scotland with her husband in 1945 to wash away all the bad memories of the war and move forward.

While Claire was English, her husband was Scottish by descent, so he decided to find more about his ancestry.

The first 30 minutes seemed incredibly boring, to be honest, and I almost switched it off but as I watched through I realized that it was a very important part which preps the viewer for the rest of the story.

In an attempt to explore the country side, Claire's comes across these Stonhenge style rocks that have millions of stories around them. But, as soon as she touches the rocks, something happens.

For a few seconds, she loses consciousness but when she wakes up she realizes, she is still in front of the rocks, but something has changed. 

Everything looks greener, and just different. 

When she runs back to where she parked her car, its nowhere to be found. And as she looks back to the town which was previously full of buildings, all she can see is lush greenery. 

In the next 10 minutes she gets captured by Scottish people and realizes it is actually 1745, and she has travelled back in time. 

Now, this was the time, when Britain and Scotland were at war. Well, technically, Britain had taken over Scotland, like they did with India, and Scottish rebellion was growing, although, we all know how that turned out. 

She meets Jamie there, which is played by Sam Hughen.

I was astonished to see how easily Claire was able to adjust to 1745. This was the time when women weren't taken seriously, they were made to wear these horrifying corsets and they weren't allowed to take part in the war.

But I have to mention how amazing Tobias Menzies is on the show. He plays Claire's husband in 1945, and one of his ancestors in the 1745 era. 

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you might recognize him. He plays Edmure Tully on the show (Caitlyn Stark's brother). If you still don't remember him, he is the one who was forced to marry Roslin Frey, instead of Rob Stark at the infamous Red Wedding.

Yeah, that brings out a lot of memories, doesn't it? I feel in the years to come, every one will discuss where they were when they saw the red wedding.

Coming back to Outlander, its definitely one of the most brilliant shows I have seen this year. You can see by looking at their production, how much money the studios put into it. No wonder they made a deal with Netflix so soon. 

The show is about Claire trying to change the history, and save Scottish people from their horrifying destiny. But if I take into consideration all the other time travelling shows that I have seen, changing history is superbly difficult.

Where to watch 

Netflix. You can binge watch the first season, weekly episodes are being added to the second season right now, so you don't have to wait for the entire season to be made available in one go. 

Indian Screw Up's rating - 4/5 

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