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This week I watched Chef's Table on Netflix which has been on my recommendations ever since I joined the streaming website. 

This show has been produced by Netflix itself, so I doubt you will find this on your TV.

Okay, so here is the thing about me and cooking shows - I love them. I don't know how to cook, and I do not intend to learn by watching these shows, I just want to watch the chefs make beautiful food. 

This is the reason I watch Masterchef with so much passion, and this is the reason why I decided to watch this show (Also because Chef's Table has a 8.7/10 on IMDB).

About Chef's Table 

The show is a documentary which follows  the story of a different chefs in every episode. There are 6 episodes in a season, and the show has done 2 seasons so far.

More than the food, Chef's Table is about the journey of each one of these chefs. Now, these are not your mainstream, popular chefs like Gordan Ramsay or Matt Preston, these are the chefs who are not really famous, but their restaurants rank among the World's Top 50, all because of the food and experience they offer.

(The title sequence of the show is just mesmerizing)

Each episode is nothing less than inspiring, it will probably teach you more about life than about food. 

For instance, the first episode is about Mossimo Bottura who wanted to give a modern take to Italian food. He could do it anywhere in the world, but he wanted to do it in his own hometown, Modena.

And guess what? Italians hated him.

They hated him for changing their world famous family recipes. Every local newspaper gave him a bad review, even though Mossimo knew he was doing exactly what he wanted.

When the restaurant was at the brink of closing down, a very important national critic made his way to Modena and decided to have lunch at Mossimo's restaurant. And that changed everything for him.

His restaurant is now Three-Michelin starred and ranked among the top 5 in the world. The same people who hated him now wait for months to get into his restaurant.

Isn't that strange? He did everything the same way from the start but, what changed was the perception of the people.

Stories like Mossimo's really inspire us to stay true to ourselves, instead of worrying about what the world might think of us. 

Another story that really inspired me was of Grant Achatz who struggled with Cancer while his restaurant ranked number one on the World's Best list.

Then there is Magnus Nilsson who decided to open up a restaurant in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. Yes its literally in the middle of nowhere, you have to take a chartered plane, and then a cab to reach his restaurant. But guess what, people come here, just for the food.

With that said, I highly recommend this show, not for the delicious food in the scenes, but for the inspiring stories that will leave you motivated.

Indian Screw Up's rating - 4.5/5

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