I am not an Author, Get Over it !

By Monday, June 27, 2016 ,

Every time someone asks me what I do for a living, the conversation turns awkward. 95% of the people who have asked me this question don't know what a Freelance Writer is, so they ask me a million more questions to make sure they have covered everything.

And here is the most common follow-up question -

So, you write books?


So, you write in newspapers?


So, you write in magazines


So, where do you write?

The Internet

Like, the Facebook?

Me - Umm......

For some reason, when people hear that I am a writer, they assume that I have plans to write a book. I don't, seriously. I cannot even commit to 2 blog posts a day on my own blog. Me writing a book would be like me trying to fill up pages in my college exam.

May be I could do what Carrie Bradshaw did and compile all my articles in a book. But she was a newspaper writer in the 90's when the articles didn't make their way to the internet in real-time. Also, she was Carrie Bradshaw. She might not be able to wear white perfectly, but she could wear high heels like they were flip flops.

If I could invite anyone for dinner - living or dead, fictitious or real, then I would invite:

- Carrie Bradshaw
- Princess Diana
- Okay, those are the only ones on my list right now, but I am building it and I will update you on that.

Coming back to not being an author, one of the major reasons why I don't want to do it is because there is no money in it. Writers these days struggle to sell their books, the funding is low and profits are low too. That is why, so many writers publish ebooks.

I mean no disrespect to these writers, I wish I had the same courage as them but I couldn't ever do it because I have always had the fear of falling into the 'starving writers' category, especially when I quit a job to do this.

For me, it was extremely important that I earn well from writing and it didn't matter if I was working 7 days a week.

That reminds me I did work 7 days for this week and I am annoyed as hell. I always try not to work on Mondays because it has been the most hated day of my life. And now that I have the choice to set my own schedule, I can finally make Monday my b*tch. 

But, not always. Last week of the month is always super hectic so we are back to 'Monday Mourning' again.

Things I hate this Monday 

- People who call me before 10am
- Stupid Clutter folder on Microsoft Outlook
- Microsoft Outlook
- iPhone alarm : Here is the deal - When the alarm goes off, there is no button to turn it off, there is only a snooze button. So, to turn it off, I have to go into the clock settings. I get it iPhone, you are trying to play over smart, but I don't appreciate it

What are you hateful for this Monday?

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