Broken Laptop, Netflix and Other First World Problems

By Thursday, June 16, 2016 , ,

For some reason, the only time I can think about what to write is when I am lying in my bed with my laptop shut.

So I decided to just type down on my phone. But don't worry, this post wont have a Sent from my iPhone tag. I get why its so annoying, but I still use it to prove that I am indeed away from my laptop. 

Netflix or no Netflix

I am watching a show called Shadow Hunters on my tablet right now, which seems pretty wanna-be Vampire Diaries. Seriously there are two guys, one is a Stephen and other is a Damon. And yes, the girl is as clueless as Elena. Poor Stephen always gets friend-zoned. Okay, that was a joke for all the Vampire Diaries fans, but if you are a mature and a respectable person over 25, you might not get it.

But you know, there will never be a teenage show like Gossip Girl, now that was epic. ( Though, I still cannot believe they made Dan the Gossip Girl. Mind = Blown )

Also I still can't decide if I like Netflix or not. I am still on the free month trial, and I don't know if I should get a subscription.

Here is the thing - Why provide a streaming service if you are not going to put the whole catalogue there? 

So many of the shows and movies are blocked from the Indian catalogue.

I might get it because I am just lazy, or because new Outlander episodes come on Netflix every week.

The Laptop Misery

I am also 'finally' buying a new laptop which is costing me a bomb. I mean, why are 13-inch laptops costlier than 15 inch? Seriously.

My current laptop has been in a bad shape since.. Well, I bumped it in an elevator. I should have sold it at least 3 months ago. But being an idiot, I didn't. 
And now I have to buy a new laptop at full price.

Actually the elevator bumping didn't cause much harm but, my dog bumped into it and broke the screen last week. I know how stupid that sounds, but it really happened.

Life was so easy when dad paid all the bills.

Other First World Problems

For a long time, I have got a story stuck in my head but I haven't written it down because I don't think I can commit to it. Not because I have commitment issues, but because I am just lazy.

So, I have decided to start writing here more often. Lets see. I have been writing on this blog since 2012 and I still haven't been able to complete a single challenge. Pathetic.

I am going to try and find a better app for putting down my blogs on my phone. Google Docs and Word were unimpressive.

On a completely different note, I am wondering what is going to happen in Game of Thrones. If Ramsay Bolton doesn't die this season, I am going to really lose. Though I think Jon Snow or Sansa will him kill him, and when it really happens, remember I said it first.
At least Tyrion was funny, Danny's story line has been totally boring this season, and Margery too. Though I really think Margery is going to throw a bomb in the finale, she can take the septum out.

Till next time

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  1. I just discovered your blog...your writting very please try to write often

  2. You are funny girl....keep going and all the luck.
    Swati from

  3. It's funny how I've been confronting with the same thoughts (you mentioned in the 7th paragaph ^^' ) these days. A beautiful Bible quote that says we shouldn't worry and struggle for such a worldly thing as wealth is made me have the same attitude on life as you.

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