When to give up (And when not to)

By Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Some people like to think that giving up is the easiest thing. But, I don't think that's true. I think giving up is one of the most difficult things in life. That is because, before doing anything you have to accept that you failed at it or you were going to fail at it.

Though I don't mean failure as a bad term here. There are some things in life that you are meant to be good at and there are some things in life that you are just destined to be bad at.

For instance, I sucked at my last job. I sent wrong emails to all my managers on daily basis, and I didn't even realize it until the last week of my job.

Also, I can't drive, I really can't. But you know what? I accept my failure and I call people to pick me up without feeling ashamed. Now some would say that I shouldn't have given up on it and I should have practised more. But I didn't give up for myself, I did it for all the other innocent people on the road. 

When not to give up

When you know the outcome is going to be completely worth it. When you know that if you do give up, you would regret it for the rest of your life.

Half of times when I am not travelling, I stay with my parents in this small town that I grew up in. And being the foodie I am, I crave things that are not really available like a butter cream cupcake or that amazingly delicious almond butterscotch cookie from Starbucks.

So I took up baking. The first few times I failed miserably. The cupcakes wouldn't get fluffy and the cookies would burn down. On the third attempt I realized the recipe had the temperatures in Fahrenheit and my oven was on Celsius. Basically I was baking cookies at 400 degrees (dont you dare judge me)

(There was also an incident when I forgot a measuring spoon inside the oven and it melted... Okay, let's save that for some other post)

So on the third attempt, the cupcakes came out great and the butter cream was delicious. But, I still haven't figured out the cookies yet, they just aren't that chewy.

Now my mother would obviously want me to give up on it, given the amount of ingredients I waste every month. But, you know what, I won't. Because I need those super chewy cookies in my life. Neither can I pay 200 bucks for them nor do I get Starbucks every where I go.

Not giving up on things takes strength and it takes belief in yourself. But more than that, you have to give up on the fear of not being good enough.

People are always going to tell you, you can't do it. It isn't their life to say, it's yours. And what's life without a few terrible mistakes? My blog is literally a diary full of all the mistakes I have ever made, and you know what? Most of them are yet to be published.

I might end up making those amazing cookies, or I might fail terribly, who knows. It might take me a week or it might take me several years, I am not going to stop trying.

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  1. Our biggest fear is fear of imperfection. A very motivating article I must say

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I found this article to be full of simple incidents on which we hardly sit to think upon.....

  4. Thanks for the inspiration ! ;)

  5. i think this blog just inspired me! and even your introduction.. i see so much of myself in you.. i was just going through blogs to see the style of writing as i wanted to start my own.. nothing high funda just as you said dumping all my random thoughts somewhere. i think this really has given me a push. i hope i get the courage to get started! :) thank you!

    1. I am glad it inspired you. Don't forget to share your blog when you finally start it !

  6. Hi Ritika,
    Nice post. Refreshingly simple, from the heart. Could you share where you took that photo under About me?

    1. Oh, that is one is from Khardung La Pass, in Ladakh :)