House of Cards - The Underwoods are Back

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I haven't written here in a long and that is because I was travelling. And, thanks to the long train journeys I had to take, I was finally able to watch the entire new season of House of Cards.

I know it had been a few weeks since it came out but I had so much work that I couldn't get myself to start watching. There is a reason Netflix releases all the thirteen episodes at once - you are supposed to binge watch it or you won't be able to sleep peacefully.

Now, I was so confident that I would be working through my entire 20 hour journey that I only took first four episodes of House of Cards with me. And trust me when I say this - you don't want to know what happens in the fourth episode. I couldn't even get back to work because I just wanted to know if everything was alright.

Any ways, on my way back, I made sure that I had all the rest of the episodes with me and I watched it all! As a big fan of the show, I can proudly say - IT WAS THE BEST SEASON EVER.

 "I'll give Claire some time. But for her sake, I hope she comes out of her tree before I have to bring out my axe." 

Frank Underwood

The Season Four of House of Cards is not about Zoe Barnes, Peter Rosso or Doug,its about the people we watch the show for - The Underwoods.

For some people, Frank and Claire might be the oddest couple but I love them together. They prove that its not just about being with someone you love. In the long run, you need someone who can give you strength and not become your weakness. They might be strong as individuals but they are even stronger together. You may be a cheat, you may be bluffing the whole world but at the end of the day, you need an ally to be by your side. And that's what you really want in life.

"We don't submit to terror, we make the terror" 

The Underwoods

It's difficult to be the righteous and honourable Ned Stark, most of us are like Frank Underwood at heart and we need someone who understands us and accepts us like who we are.

Also, it might be a spoiler but there were no unexpected deaths this season. I was hoping for at least a few people to die but, there's always next season.

Have you watched the new season yet? What did you think of it?

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