Dreams - What are They Trying to Tell us ?

By Monday, March 28, 2016 ,

Ever since I was 10 years old, I had this recurring dream of someone trying to choke me. I knew I was trying to scream but no voice would come out of my mouth. And that is when I would get up, feeling helpless.  

When I was 16, my grandparents died the very same way, choked to death. According to the doctors, even if they tried to call for help, they wouldn't have been able to speak. 

Since then I haven't had that dream, but for some reason, it still haunts me.

But, my question is - do our dreams try to tell us something or are they just a reflection of our subconscious? 

For some reason, I always have the most elaborate dreams and I also remember them for a long time. And yes, I do believe that they are a reflection of our subconscious. When you are thinking about something for too long, especially before going to sleep, they end up in our dreams and I am telling that from experience.

But, what about things that we never even think about or deja vus?  And no, I am not talking about just a small deja vu where you feel that particular moment has happened before. I am talking about a whole situation that has already happened in your dreams.

Last year, my boyfriend had an accident, after which he had to go through a complicated brain surgery. But, two months before all this, I had a dream that he had a road accident and he was smothered with blood. Back then, I just thought about it as a nightmare and forgot about it until the accident actually happened.

Now, I didn't know there would be an accident, nobody would have known that then how did I dream about it? How did my childhood nightmare connect so vividly with my grandparents' death?

You could blame it on the subconscious but if I subconsciously knew about it then that would make me a pyschic, which trust me I am not. I mean I wish I was, but I am not. I do get some gut feelings when I know something is going to work out my way but that is mostly my undying optimism.

And its not just me this has happened too. A lot of other people have also reported similar incidents and there is no scientific explanation for it.

Do you dream?

There are two kinds of people in this world - ones who remember their dreams and the lucky ones who don't.

Now, I am not saying that some people don't dream. It has been scientifically proven that everyone dreams, some of us just don't remember them. Even dogs and cats dream. If you have a dog, I am sure you must have noticed their flapping legs and tongue when they are sleeping.

It's said that there are two type of dreams - Lucid and Unconscious

Lucid dreams are what you see when you are in a light sleep or when you have just slept. You only dream about believable things and you definitely know that you are dreaming. Its easier to break out of lucid dreams.

Unconscious dreams are encountered in deep sleep and these are the unbelievable things that you generally wouldn't even think about.

But my question still remains the same - Do dreams try to tell us something that we don't know?

I am writing this post because I had a dream last night about Finland. Weird, right? It gets weirder.

In my dream, I was in Finland. Now I have never been to Finland, I don't even know where Finland is on the World Map. I have never researched or written an article about the country. All I ever knew about it was the fact that Nokia was founded there. Now, I got curious because my dream was very, very vivid. So, I started Googling about Finland and some of the country's major cities. Turns out, the buildings and architecture of the cities completely matched my dreams. Creeeeeeeeepyyyyyyy

Let me know what you think and also, tell me if you have had similar experiences

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  1. Oooh, freaky :O Must be scary af to see what you dreamt of come true.

    I ALWAYS dream of falling off from a height and then wake up with a start. This is like an every-night scenario.

    1. Sounds super scary :(

      Do you still get those dreams?

  2. I have heard other folk who have has such dreams.. On one instance, the event seen in the dream did occur and no one was able to prevent that sad occasion. Dont think too much. Enjoy your self, work hard and be true to yourself. Everything else will fall in place.. :)

    1. I know exactly what you mean, you might know whats coming but you cannot change the inevitable. I guess all we can do is hope for the best :)

  3. Hey.. You can't just finish your dream like this.. you gotta tell more.. I want to know more.. I see so many dreams and they are weird to another level altogether, literally unbelievable kinds.. But I don't tend to remember them.. And that's not lucky.. Lucky is when you get to remember them..

    It was lovely to read your blog and your writing.. :)

    Glad to have connected with you :)


    1. I don't think thats lucky. I just get more confused when I wake up and I ask myself - do I subconsciously want that ? :/

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, I really appreciate it :)

  4. one of my best friends who was 24yrs old met with a road accident and passed away 2 years back. and i was the last person she met before it happened. so i went to meet her parents a month later and her mother told me that just 4 days before the accident my friend had a dream about her grandfather who had passed away when she was 8 yrs old.. so in the dream she had made food for all her friends who had come to her place and she forgot serving her grandfather who was inside in a room. this really worried her and she apologised to him and guess what her grandfather told her? don't worry you come soon and take care of me!

    the goosebumps i got was insane!