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By Friday, December 11, 2015 ,

I am exhausted. 

That's all I have on my mind everyday since the last two weeks. I was supposed to be a free flying freelancer without any office walls but now it looks like I have just invited office to my home. Well, at least my home office has my dog keeping his eyes on me all the time.

I mean I love my work, I really do but I just need a day off to binge watch the entire season of Jessica Jones. And that is why, I have sort of forced myself to take a vacation next week. Yes, I am going to proudly call it my vacation because I really need a vacation.

Moving on, I saw a documentary about Princess Diana's death again. I honestly don't like watching these crime documentaries, Crime Patrol style, because all I can think about are those families who lost their loved ones and now they have to re-live it with those torturing documentaries.

But I still watch Diana's documentaries. May be because I am just fascinated. She had more wealth than she could have ever imagined and a title which is still envied by all the women in the world but yet, she wasn't happy. All she wanted was to be accepted and loved but she kept struggling for those very two things until her death.

I couldn't help but wonder if we are just running behind the wrong things in life. You are slugging 15 hours a day to get a big car and a bigger house but what happens when you actually get that? Without someone to turn that brick-walled house into a home, its just another house you survived in.

But Diana understood that and she also knew she wanted to make the world a better place in any which way she could. Now, I am not Diana. I cannot raise $5 million by selling the clothes in my wardrobe (I don't think they would even sell on eBay). But I can do little things to help change someone's life.

From next year, I will be donating a part of my earnings to a charity I believe in. And if you are reading this, I urge you to do the same. Here are some of the charities to get you started

Save The Children
SOS Children's Villages - Sponsor a child's education for less than 1500 INR/ month
Friendicoes - An animal welfare NGO which nearly went bankrupt two months ago. They don't just take money, you can also send in old blankets, bedsheets and food

Until next time

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