What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?

By Saturday, November 28, 2015 ,

You know why I loved Carrie so much - she was fierce and independent. She didn't let any man get in her way or her life, may be that was the reason she went through so many guys in her life. Even though she kept going through a string of heart aches, she never gave up on love and she never gave up on the idea of finding her great love.

But her array of boyfriends was not why I liked her (Though, I still cannot believe she chose Mr Big over Aiden), I liked her because she didn't let anything or anyone bring her down. No matter how she felt, she found a way to dress up, go out and feel better about herself.

She was not the kind of girl who could wear white and not spill anything on it, she was the kind of girl who didn't care what people thought if she spilled something over her white dress. She was the kind of girl who always wore her heart on her sleeve.

I can't help but wonder that if Carrie can go through all those string of heartbreaks for decades and still somehow manage to believe in herself than why can't I?

I have realized that this world is filled with too many shit people, most of them will try to make you feel bad about yourself and some of them will make you feel like you are a piece of trash. But you gotta do what you always do, you need to keep your head up high and believe in yourself.

You and me both, sister

People will say whatever they want to say and they will make you feel whatever shit way they want you to feel but that doesn't mean you have to believe everything they say and feel horrible about yourself.

Its your life and you decide how you live it. Keep positive people around you and throw the rest of them out. You don't need slackers in your life.

"May be you have to let go who you were to become who you will be" - Carrie Bradshaw

PS - A special thanks to those small fraction of people who always believed in me

PPS - Carrie Bradshaw was the fictional character in the show Sex and the City and she somehow managed to inspire millions of women

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  1. yeah true!! there are all kind of people some will pull u down and some will unconditionally push u up....But between all this we should always remember our strengtgs and dreams.

    1. Absolutely Shraddha, you couldn't have put it in a better way

  2. You CANNOT imagine how huge a fan I am of SATC and of course a self-proclaimed carrie bradshaw everywhere. I am still reeling under your post... this is such a feel good fan post :)

    "Shut up. Its Robert Cavalli." :D

    1. Hahaha, I still go back and watch SATC Long Island episode when I am feeling bummed :D