Maybe, Jon Snow is supposed to die

By Friday, November 20, 2015 ,

They say lust and anger are one of the seven deadly sins. But I say, whatever we do in our life can be connected to the seven deadly sins. If we really cared about what the world thought about us, we wouldn't be able to live our life our way. 

The problem is – we are so focused on getting to the destination that we miss out on the beautiful journey along the way. You might or might not end up at the destination you planned, but you can definitely take pride in your beautiful journey.

They say there is always light at the end of the tunnel but I say why not choose a well-lit road over a dark tunnel? Why risk everything in the dark tunnel just to have that promised light? What if you don’t get that promised light in the end. Life is full of ironies you know.

Take a deep breath, take it all in. Find happiness in every day of your life and stop worrying about the future so much. If some things are meant to happen, they will. Moping about it won’t make them happen.

Stop pushing yourself so hard and getting frustrated over it. Because it isn't going to get you anywhere. If Jon Snow’s supposed to die, he will. There is really nothing we can do about it, except kill RR Martin and kidnap the show’s producers. But would that really make you so happy? Deep inside you would know that he was meant to die.

So let things take their own course of time, it might not be everything you wanted but I am sure it will be everything you needed. 

[Random thoughts in the middle of the night]

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  1. very thoughtful post. And if you need assistance in capturing RR Martin, I am here :)