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By Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Between the trashy romantic novels I have been reading, I finally got time to go back to basics and read one of my favourite books. This book is very special to me and really close to my heart, its funny that I still don't own a hardcopy of it.

I think I was 15 when I read it the first time. I had borrowed it from a friend who isn't my friend anymore. Don't judge me. We all have friends who are not our friends any more. I am fascinated to see how my number of friends have decreased over the years. I think as we get older, our tolerability against people starts to decrease and we just don't want to spend our time around people who we 'might not like that much'.

But coming back to the book..

Veronica Decides to Die By Paulo Coelho

This book is about Veronica, who decides to commit a suicide because she realizs her life isn't how she wanted it to be. She wasted her entire life doing things other people expected her to do. And though, on paper it might look like she had a great life, she hated it.
But to her surprise, she fails at her suicide attempt and is transferred to a mental asylum. She is told she only has a few months left to live.

And Veronica decides to make the most of it.

I had read this book around the same time I lost some very important people from my life and may be that is why this book had such a strong impact on me. It changed me as a person. I started focusing on 'me' and 'myself'. I realized that I might not have as long as I think and I didn't want to die with regrets on my mind.

May be, same choose the word 'selfish' for me, but I call it - 'living life my way'. And guess what? I have absolutely no regrets. I have made some mistakes, we all have. But I have learned from each one of those mistakes and those mistakes made me a better person.

I don't know if my life would have been different if I hadn't read this book but I am really glad I found it. [Insert my eternal love for Paulo Coelho here]

Okay, I am signing off now because its 4am in the morning, I am sleep deprived covered in piles of work and I just had the first earthquake experience and it was freaking scary.

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  1. A great review, thanks for sharing.

  2. Of all his books, this is the one I recommend over even the Alchemist. Like you, it had a great impact on me too. It took me many years and mishaps to implement its lessons but I'm finally doing it

    1. Alchemist is good but I think its just overrated :/