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By Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saying that I cannot cook would be an understatement. The only thing I can make fool proof is a bread toast, and for that, I need a bread toaster. Okay, may be I can make Maggi too but that is a very high risk zone. It either turns out great or completely pathetic.

Living out of home for so long, I have come to loathe home cooked food. I know it probably makes you loathe me but I just cannot have home food for too long, it gets boring for me. I like to go out and order whatever I want. But you know what is even better than going out and eating? Staying in and ordering a take out.

So when I was living in Mumbai this monsoon, I didn't have any company and I didn't feel like dressing up and going out AT ALL. So ordering it was the only option that sounded good to me. But, I absolutely hate ordering on the phone.The person on the other end obviously realizes that I am ordering for one person only and I feel he somewhere judges me for it. Okay, I might be completely wrong but I just always have this doubt in my head.

Then I turned to these online ordering websites, one of which completely dissappointed me. I ordered lunch at 1pm, I got a message that the my order was cancelled at 2pm and at 4pm their executive called to tell me there was no tandoori roti at the restaurant I ordered and would I be okay with a Parantha. I mean, SERIOUSLY ?

That's when a friend of mine who lived right across the road in IIT B told me about Tiny Owl. Well, he told me about Tiny Owl because you get a cashback for reference everytime your friend signs up and orders on the app with your special code. But any ways, I got cashback too, so it was a WIN-WIN.

I signed up and forgot about it when one day I was stuck in this super pathetic traffic on the JVLR and it was pouring heavily. I hadn't eaten anything all day, there was no gas in my cylinder at home and there was no way I was stopping anywhere for food in those rains. And thats when I decided to try out Tiny Owl.

I ordered my most favourite Chinese noodles from a newly minted Chinese place and hoped for it to get on time. Now, I expected the delivery to be late because of the heavy pouring but I just hoped my order didn't get cancelled. But one of the best things about Tiny Owl app is that they keep you updated with progress of your food and letting you know where it is.

To my surprise the delivery guy was standing at my door step with hot piping Chinese when I arrived. I never knew what Nirvana meant but that was the moment I felt it.

May be it was the hunger or the rain, but those were the best Chilli Garlic Noodles I had in my whole life.

I am not trying to promote them but I really mean it when I say if it weren't for Tiny Owl I wouldn't have my favourite dessert every night without getting out of the house.

PS - Special thanks to the Tiny Owl people, who even tweet me about updates of my order

PPS - You can download Tiny Owl on both Android and iOS


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  1. omg u felt nirvana when u saw ur noodles!!!! this made me laugh!!!! another amazing post.