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By Friday, August 28, 2015

Yes, I have been writing on this blog for over 3 years now but I only bought the domain last year. No matter how much I try to pretend like it was nothing, it was a big deal for me. Putting in and investing your money in something, no matter how small it is, takes commitment. And I didn't know if I had it in me. 

But I finally mustered up the courage, sat in this same room I am sitting right now and bought my domain.

I could try to be be humble and say, my blog helped me become a better person (Which I know it did), but most importantly, it helped me launch my own career path and do what I love. I cannot even tell you how many times I got emails from clients telling me how much they love my writing and they would want something similar done for their company too.

Sounds weird, deosn't it ? All I write on my blog are my life's embarassing screw ups, which by the way are in no way meant to be funny but they some how end up being funny.I love when people tell me how 'effortlessly I can incorporate humour and sarcasm in my writing' . And in my head, I am like 'ha ha ha, joke's on you because I didn't do anything, its just how my life is'.

Anyways, I am going to revisit this whole year again with this post to remind myself how lucky I am to have found this blog and my love of writing

Launched my blog

Shared about the stupid little things that I could never do ( And I still can't). Though I have stopped playing candy crush now. Not because I don't want to but because my phone hangs too much when I try to play and I just cannot afford a new phone right. Okay, may be I can but I don't want to spend my own money. Life was so much more easier when I was spending my dad's money ( PS - Just bought dad a new phone in a faint hope that he would reciprocate but he didn't)

 Start working on my first official job. Spent my first Diwali out of home and it felt pathetic. 

Lived in Kerala for a few months 

Moved to Mumbai, got a bit startled with the bright lights and the big city 

Made a bucket lists of thing that I wanted to do, but most of it is still yet to be done. No worries, atleast I got all the sunglasses I wanted from Goa

Did a Random Ritika post that still makes no sense to me, whatsoever

Took a trip to Goa and realised I didn't want a life where it took month long planning only to take a week long vacation. I wanted a life where I didn't need to get permission from anyone to go anywhere

Got more and more depressed with my office life and kept pushing myself to stay stronger

How I ranted about completely feeling 22 and then how I absolutely hated my 23rd birthday

Things went in a sort of blur on the personal end but we did what we always do, we stayed strong

Finally quit my job and became a freelance writer. I am going to be honest, it was scary and exiting at the same time.

Got my dog - Jon Snow

Started #100HappyDays Challenge in an attempt to find happiness. I am on Day 79 today and I am glad to say, I will much better than I did on day 1. 

And today, I have just been sneezing all day and doing nothing. Now, I am just going to watch Sex and the City and go back to sleep

Hope you have a great weekend

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  1. good blog.. happy b'day to blog ..keep it up !

  2. It really does look like its been an eventful year... Goa, Kerala.. and yes, taking a leap of faith can be scary but ride the bad times. Soon, things will turn for the better. Besides, with a dog around, life will always be love-filled :D

    1. Thats so true Roshan, you never really feel alone after you get a dog. And yes, this has probably been one of the most eventful years of my life :D

  3. Happy anniversary and heres wishing many many more to co,meeeeeeeeeeeeee and a lot has happened over the time.. GOOD LUCK Always with everythingggggggggggg :)