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By Sunday, July 26, 2015 ,

This month has been one of those topsy turvy ones. Exactly a month before, I was sitting at Kalyan station waiting for six hour late train to arrive and working on this very same laptop. That was my last day at job and my last official day in Mumbai. I might come back but I won't probably live there now.

 But the problem is - I don't know where I live now. I don't have a 'home'. I just have beds and places where I get wifi and charging sockets. I wish I had a home to call my own but may be I am not destined to have a life like that.

You know how you start your own business and have these dreams of how its going to be but they all get shattered when you realize it just pure simple hard work of 15 hours a day.

Here are some things that happen to you when you become a full time freelance writer -

  • Your mother thinks you are unemployed and you are just trying to hide it 
  • She also thinks you got fired 
  • You don't have friends now, you have clients. You skype with them, text them and email them whenever you can
  • You thought you would get time to read books, workout and do all the other things you couldn't do when you were in your boring job. But in reality, you don't even get time to have dinner
  • Now that you have left your job, too many people ask you what you do for a living now  and it has got really boring now to explain the same thing over and over again. So you just say 'I am figuring out what to do with my life' 
  • The last time you went to Zara was 3 months ago. In fact the last time you shopped was 3 months ago. ( No worries, I bought a tshirt that says "Buddha Says Relax" just to break the jinx)
  • You don't get weekends off because you don't get any days off
  • You watch Notting Hill and pretend like Hugh Grant is a part of your life

In case you missed out on the big announcement, I started a new website to help other budding writers make a career out of it ( Don't worry, I am not the competitive kind ) 

The website is called and you are supposed to go over there right now tell me if you love it or hate it and SUBSCRIBE ! 

'Why are you still here checking out my cute face ? Go check '

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  1. Couldn't help but smile through the post! ;) I quit my job last november to take up lifestyle blogging as a career choice and the same applies- my mom thinks I am unemployed (not working)/ I have no time for friends or even proper meals...Just working hard enough and finally getting geared up to declare myself.. Wishing you luck with Writefreelance :)

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Hahaha

      I am glad we can relate with each other. Just trying to work hard enough :)

      Wish you the best too

  2. I like become freelance, for few year i have freelance job