Stay Strong

By Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sometimes I really wish I had some super powers, just so I could make all the problems around me vanish. We humans have this tendency of thinking very highly about ourselves, like we are the king of the world and nothing can touch us. But then there are times when life kicks us in the butt and makes us feel like mere mortals.

You might lose your wealth and you might lose you wealth but the one thing that you will always have is hope and faith. Hope that someone up there is looking out for us and making sure that we are doing okay. A hope that things will finally fall into place and we will have beaches and mountains again.

There will always be some moments of weaknesses and then there will be moments of strength, there will be times when you feel like you have lost all hope. But what you need to remember is, you have not lost everything until you believe you have.

The only thing that will get you by is your will power and your belief that you can get through. You have to tell yourself that you are stronger than you think you are. Life might have ways to test but you need to remind it that you are big enough to handle it all.

What I have always believed in is, everything terrible that happens to you makes up for a great story, in fact a funny story. It adds a new chapter in your life and makes you learn more.

So the next time something terrible happens to you, look your problems in the eye and tell them you can handle it all.

Stay Strong.

Hope you are having a better day than we are

PS - Sorry for not replying on all your comments, I promise I read each one of them and I will reply soon

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