I am not feeling 23

By Saturday, May 30, 2015

So, May is already gone and it just went way to fast. You might think it would be torturing with this pathetic humidity in Mumbai but with the problems around me even humidity feels like a close friend.

My birthday went into a blur, lets just say I do not want to relive those moments. Nobody wants to have talk with a neurosurgeon on their birthday or any day of their life, even if that neurosurgeon has operated on Hrithik Roshan.

But these few weeks taught me a lot of things. They taught how lucky I am that I have a normal healthy life. That the only serious thing I had to visit a doctor for was a fracture (hairline, no worries) .
 I saw kids in the hospital who probably did not know what brain or spinal cord was, go through the doctors and probably multiple surgeries. I saw babies who probably were not old enough to walk but their parents had to take them to neurologists. I cannot even imagine what their parents might be going through with all this ordeal.

It might not be the happiest birthday I had but it was definitely one of the most enlightening ones. I learned that I am stronger than I think I am and when you have faith, nothing can stop you from believing.

But importantly it taught me to stop worrying about the small petty things in life. Job, career, money - everything is so temporary, you can always get it back, the only thing you cannot back is your life.

So I decided to stop worrying and whining in my life and I quit my job last week. I don't know if it was the best or the worst decision of my life  but I feel pretty good about it right now and I have no regrets.

If I could give one little advice to everyone who is still reading this by mistake then that would be to live it up and let it go. You might have your life planned to the end but you don't know what destiny has got in stores for you. So stop worrying about what might happen and start doing what you want to do. You can either live your life or survive it - the choice is yours.

(This post was written very late at night with blurry eyes because of unexplainable water in my eyes, and that is why you are not allowed to judge me over my grammar mistakes here)

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  1. You see to be in some transient but hard phase of life. I don't know you but i do hope that all is ok? As a blogger, I too have resorted to writing in certain phases of life when uncertainity prevailed but yes it all gets al right after a time. So cheer up :) hope to read you often

    1. Thank you so much for kind words Sarah. I really appreciate it :)

  2. All the best Ritika... quitting a job to do what you want (I am guessing that is the reason) is a big thing... wishing you all the success in your venture...

  3. Very true...we feel low with our hardships but if we see around we find that we are much blessed..
    Keep writing...All the best

  4. Great advice...best wishes always!

  5. Wonderful message! Wish you all the best in your journey and decision to live in the present....