I am feeling 22

By Friday, May 08, 2015

There has been so many things going around, so many writing assignments to do that I couldn't find any time to write here at all. But sometimes,the heart wants what it wants so tonight I put down all my assignments aside and sat down to only write here.

I am full fledged freelance writer - well, not till I actually quit my current job but I am doing pretty good out of it part time. Though it means working long hours, but I have no regrets. I had rather go slow than take the plunge and risk it in one go. In these two months, I learnt a lot about the writing business and that has helped me grow. I also got a lot of emails from my readers and the people who follow me on Twitter, about how I am earning and if I could guide them through. I will, very soon, thats my promise.

Mumbai has redefined HELL - I am from the north where the temperature goes up to 49 degree celcius but then there is Mumbai that will make you kill yourself with its suffocating humidity. I think that is why people work so hard in Mumbai - their houses are hot and the offices have super cool ACs.  For once I want to feel what its like to not be sweating all the time.

IT sector sucks - I have nothing against the private industry, my dad has been in the private sector for about 25 years now and I am proud of where he is now but this IT industry is the worst of all. Plus whatever we are doing, would probably get automated in a few years down the line. Its not just the work its culture, the competitive cut throat culture. I appreciate people being cut throat when it comes to their career but you don't have a career when they pay you that shit.

I want to travel - Confined here for all these months I realized, I don't want a life where I have to plan my leaves well in advance and hope that my boss approves of it. What if I get a cheap flight to Goa for a day and I want to leave that very instance ? May be travelling too much has done that to me but I don't mind it. I had rather be free than bounded by a stupid service contract. I want a life where I can travel wherever I want to, stay wherever I want to and I don't have to care about the meagre materialistic things.

I am feeling 22 - In all this chaos I almost forget I am going to turn 23 next week. I don't like the number 23, I liked 22 , I really liked 22. Now that was a number that seemed young, 23 just feels old to me. I am going for a short trip on birthday but I haven't even done any shopping. A certain someone will claim that I tried to completely buy out Zara but that is not true. It was just pre birthday shopping, thats it.

This birthday, I am giving myself a gift - I have promised myself that I am going to set everything up by the end of next year so that I don't have to worry about the money any more. I can travel and write with all the freedom I want. I don't  know if my laid out plan that looks perfect on paper would go as great as I am hoping it to be. But I am going to atleast give it a try because I got nothing to lose here.

Because it is not about the destination, it about the journey
Clicked at - Leh-Srinagar Highway or as I like to call it - The Heaven Highway

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  1. All the best and happy birthday in advance :)
    Loved reading this post - keep writing here while you are busy with your assignments. With you I will also get a chance to feel 22 once again! :)

  2. Happy birthday Ritika in advance. You rock. Keep going :)

  3. I'll be 'feeling' 23 in a few day and can totally connect with what you're saying.

  4. Age is mind over matter and numbers...so just enjoy each and every moment as it comes and I am sure by the grace of God you are going to love 23 even more!

  5. I don't know how to define this, somehow i feel the same, Good luck to you girl and hope you write a beautiful 365 page story titled 23. ;)

  6. I guess this is the birthday week then.. HAPPY Birthday and many happy returns of the day .. dont forget my piece of cake :)

    all the best


  7. How about a blogpost with pointers for aspiring freelance writers? I would love to read the know-how.

  8. All the best, Ritika. May you achieve whatever you've set your heart on :)

  9. I'm wondering thinking what should I feel? 10? 22? 52??

  10. Whatever you feel like, whatever :)