The Logical Love Theory

By Friday, February 06, 2015

Last week I read an article in the New York Times about a study that said you could fall in love with anybody in a day if you follow the exact scientific procedures specified.
This experiment was a conducted in the 1990s by Dr Aron who successfully carried on this experiment by making two people fall in love who eventually got married later.

He came up with a set of 36 questions that you ask each other and then you look into each others's eyes for 5 minutes and voila you are in love ! To be honest, when I read it the first time I thought it was a piece of pure horse crap. But when I actually started going through the questions, they surprised me. Those are not the kind of questions you ask a stranger, those are not even the kind of questions you would want your best friends to ask. They are very finely outlined questions that lets the person know about the inner you,

What amused me more was that this scientist was not only going against Shakespeare and the infamous Saint Valentine but also billions of people who deeply and madly believe in this strange concept of love.

According to this Dr Aron, love is nothing but some chemical and psychological reaction in your brain which gives you the feeling of 'love'. Someone once said that every person is like an equation varying in time and place. And this equation keeps changing as the time and the place around the person changes. May be at some point, at some place two equations fit perfectly with each other and everything makes complete sense..but as the time changes and the space coordinates change, the entire equation changes and those equations that  appeared to be perfectly aligned, dont fit together anymore.

I couldn't help but wonder if that was really true or if there were universal equations like Force equals mass multiplied by accelaration that never change no matter what time or what place it is on this earth. And that's the kind of Newtonian equation we are all looking for.

According to me, love is not logical. You will never find love in experiments or equations. Love is something inexplainable. Love is when you watch the last part of Twilight when you haven't seen any of the previous parts and you have no idea how Edward got Bella pregnant. Love is travelling in a local train for hours just so you could see her for a few hours.

Love is what defies logic across every dimension

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  1. I agree with you. It seems a bit much to expect a set of questions and 5 minutes of staring to result in love (if it worked for his patients, good for them though :) )
    Love is wayyy more complex than that and involves every aspect - trust factors, emotional and physical compatibility, social conditions around, two people looking to build each other up. Chemically, I guess people will talk of oxytocin and dopamine and all that but it is just so much more.

  2. Well I too read it...If Love were an equation in algebra then all the variables would have mind bogging different value for each one of us

  3. Not sure about those questions but if love could be jotted on any paper with some equations and what not logic.. making it somehow materialistic.. well, it wouldn't be love or it isn't love what u just captured.... love is simply love :D (whoa! or in plain words.. chemicals were scary back in school too..enough about them already :P )

  4. Please share link to that article too...

  5. love is funny .. thats is all i know and lucky are the ones how have it and get it


  6. It would be quite funny and easy if one can find love this way... But if it guarantees a lifetime of love without any kind of complications, then I think many would go for it cause is already hard chasing and falling in love... :P

  7. Lovely blog thanks for taking the time to share this