Kadi Chawal and Bucket lists

By Sunday, January 18, 2015 ,

And then there are times when all you want is your home, your room, chilly cold winters and your favourite fluffy blanket.

January was always the time when I went back home after the new year spoiling exams  and just hibernated through the winters. I didn't think, I didn't work, I just became a zombie and I liked that. That was my way of rewinding and recharging.

I don't miss my family, I just miss my home. I just miss that person I became as soon as I got home. I left home in 2010 but I still become the same brat I was back then right when I step foot in my house again. I don't carry money anywhere, I don't pick up the landlines or answer the door bell, I just sit in my room and do nothing.

But things change and the world forces you to be an adult when you are not even sure if you are ready. What I want right now is a vacation, is a feeling of home. No I actually just want kadi chawal and I'll be happy. Wait a minute, may be the deficiency of kadi in my body is making me depressed. That's it, I have finally figured it all out. The place that Kadi chawal has in my heart cannot be replaced by any amount of Krispy Kreme donuts or McVeggies. (I know it seems like a joke but I never joke when it comes to Kadi Chawal)

The only good thing about January is that its a new year and with new year comes new hopes and new resolutions that you break in a week. So I am going to skip the resolutions part and list all the stupid things I want to buy and all the amazing places I want to visit by the end of 2015.

Because when you are broke, you come with all the different ways you could have spent the money you never had in the first place

  • Jim Corbett
  • Thailand
  • Lahual and Spiti
  • Mcleaodganj  Done in December 2015
  • Rann of Kuchh 
  • A filthy expensive leather jacket to wear in Lahual  50% off at Zara. Wuhu !
  • An embarrassingly cheap pair of Sunglasses from Goa   I bought 10 !
  • A flip phone (Suggestions are most welcome) 

I'd do anything to go back there

Hope you had a great weekend

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  1. :) oh yes spedning money that did not have and thats what I did Exactly yesterday .. and lived to brag about it tooo :)

    HOME is sweet home .. you see no matter how old we grow at home we will be kids always .. kadi chawal makes me droool now ...

    and the cheap sunglasses .. hey HIGH FIVE.. I too have one for £1.99 and believe me they are better then some of the expensive ones I have for sure ..

    Take care


    1. I want to get those 100 bucks sunglasses at street shops in Goa...now those are the best :D

  2. I wish I can time travel when I sat on my bed doing nothing. No worry of what's happening in the other part of the house, just eating-sleeping-talking on phone.

    That list is quite tempting. Even I want a leather jacket and go to the places you have mentioned, barring Rann. And I don't carry a phone, so can't suggest one.

    Hope the year is unfolding well.

    1. Thank you Saru..hope your year is going well too :)

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