Games People Play

By Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sometimes in life you want to hold on to the things no matter how much pain they are causing you and sometimes you just let them go despite of how much you love them.

My question is - how do you decide and what makes you come to a decisiom like that? Some take a very rational, logical approach and think about the various repercussions and consequences of their decsion but then there are some who just follow their pure heart instincts.

I feel if you have to think logically for a decision that should come spontaneously to you then you probably don't want it enough or may be you didn't imagine your life without it. No matter how big of a decision you have to take in life, you always know what you want underneath no matter how confused you claim yourself to be. And when you want something, you go after it.. There are no second guesses about it.

And for those who are too afraid to go behind what they want, you will always have regrets in life. Always.

I dont have any regrets in life. Do you?

I read this book called 'Games People play' today, its a pretty interesting approach to human psychology and it definitely makes you think. Do give it a read.

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  1. I agree Ritika, one of the most beautiful statements I had read about decisions was -

    The key to good decisions is experiences
    The key to experience is bad decisions

    And the gut is another word for our experiences over these decisions and how they shape our character :)

    1. Experiences are what make us who we are, whether they are good or bad

  2. sometimes in life one needs to take a decision that you are going to regreet all your life but it will make everyone else happy. I know a wrong thing to do but then circumstances are such..

    only the person in that situation can know why they had to make the decision



    1. I don't know Bikram..I have always believed that you can only make everyone else around you happy when you are actually happy.

  3. Games People Play is indeed a very interesting book. I'M OK, You Are OK, is another book which would interest you. Pain and Pleasure are two aspects that drive human beings to take any decision no matter what the circumstances.

    1. I haven't read that book yet...will definitely give it a try