Blank Space

By Saturday, January 31, 2015

Everyday I think about a trillion things to write but by the time I get home, I am so tired and exhausted that I give all my thoughts up, go into a blank space and sleep. And today I am blank as always so we are going back to basics. I created this blog so that I could crib and whine about all the silly problems in my life and thats what I am

Problems in my life right now :

  • My maid made methi aloo in lunch today
  • I have a forever 21 packet but its empty
  • My 14 year old cousin borrowed my most favourite and expensive suit without my permission
  • My 14 year old cousin is taller than me
  • I got a haircut but the stupid hair stylist cut the fringes too short and now they keep coming on my face and irritating me
  • I went to Indore but couldn't eat proper Indori pohe (Because I was sleeping)
  • My phone looks like a nokia 1100 in front of Note 4
  • I want to go to Dharmshala and Mcleodganj but instead I go to Andheri every day
  • I have two metro cards for no apparent reasons
  • I am clocking 9.5 hours in office but I am only getting paid for 9 ( Don't look at me like that, pennies makes pounds)
  • My office people gave me a pizza party but all of the pizzas had paprika on them which I am allergic to and I had to pretend that I liked it
  • McDonald's does not do home delivery in my area
  • My favourite ripped jeans got altered wrong and now its doesn't fit me  
  • I am broke and I need some Zara in my life 

Because I am sort of in love with this song

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  1. I really like your blog and its design. Especially the header. Liked this post as well somewhat feeling relatable :)

  2. Methi aloo.. good for health :) but oh no on the jeans hmmmmmmm i guess you need a new pair then


  3. I love methi aloo. :(
    My ripped jeans werent altered and they stopped fitting me
    My brother who is 9 years younger to me is taller than me.
    I am not broke but dont have Zara at my place.
    I went to Indore, had the poha and hated it. (I am right now in Bhopal for a week)
    I want to go to Goa and right now I am at Bhopal and next week I would be working my ass off in Bangalore.


  4. At least you are able to write this post. . That itself is a huge thing. . I simply cannot get myself to write a post these days. It has been quite a long time since I wrote anything constructive. .