Finding Ritika

By Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life is made up of stories - happy stories, sad stories that eventually turn into funny stories and ekdum tanch stories ( No i am not going to explain the word because either you know tanch or you dont)

Every story in your life - small or big, moulds you and makes you who you are. Makes you the kind of person you are today. Have you ever thought how different of a person you would have been if one of these stories didn't happen?

Ritika became the screwed up girl she is today because of all those small and big stories. Some stories taught her to mature up while some taught her that its okay to behave like a 12 year old. Some stories had bitter lessons to them and then there were stories where she lost the people she loved the most but the world still expected her to function. Some stories instilled in her that she should be a strong, brave girl while some made her realize that its important to bring your walls down and be vulnerable in front of  the people you love.

Ritika has had several different versions to her but if you ask me my favourite version of her then that would be the 15 year old Ritika, right before her grandparents death. That Ritika was carefree, she was happy and she never thought anything bad could even touch her family. Ofcourse, life had other plans for her and her family. Today, the 22 year old Ritika hates crime shows because one of her stories became a story for a crime show.
I don't like this 22 year old version of Ritika, she doesn't sound like a good person to me, she doesn't know what she wants to do in her life. She just wants to live in the moment and find happiness.

When I was 15, I wanted to travel, I wanted to be independent and I wanted to live on my own in some big city. But what I forgot to wish for was a simple, happy life. You will never like these big cities if you don't have someone next to you, someone who can listen to all your boring and embarrassing stories, someone who can make you laugh despite of what the problem might be.

I haven't been able to find Ritika yet, if you find her please let me know. 

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  1. I know a 22 year old Ritika, a lot younger than me who is thoughtful, knows how to express herself through words and writes her heart out. In this big journey of life, we are all finding ourselves. Sometimes, it comes as a surprise and sometimes, we know it. So, here is wishing you another joyous year of finding yourself. An year that will make you an even better human being. Happy New Year. May you be blessed!!


    1. Thank you so much :)
      Here's hoping I can live by your words

  2. The little I know about this Ritkia, the 22 waali, is that she knows who not to hurt, the close ones, she is carefree with them and she values a lot of priceless things around :) This Ritika just needs to wake up and smile to end her search. Best wishes for the great year. Have a great one with loads of happiness you're pursuing!

  3. sometimes we just prefer to stay in our dreams.... reality is far too harsh and corrupt .... we always wait and look up to something pure and happy ....
    what we will meet in this real world is the Ritika ... 22 yrs, old ... the 15 yr. old one probably lost somewhere

    1. May be..May be we'll never get to see her again