A Lonely Diwali

By Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am still in Kerala trying to get used to the never ending rains and 'how-can-god-be-so-cruel' humidity. But every little view around me is so beautiful that I think everything else just sort of makes up for it.

I can see the ocean and the horizon from my work desk. I mean where else in the country would you get an office like that? The sun only likes to come out a few times during the week but whenever it does, the view is so spectacular that you cant stop looking at it. Wherever I go from here, I am going to miss watching this breath taking sunset right from the corner of my desk.

To be really honest, Diwali is a pretty lonely time to be in Kerala. There are no festive lights around, although you do hear a few firecrackers going on but it takes you only a second to realize they are being fired by other lonely north Indians dying to be at home. 

Being here in this professional environment which is completely different from what I had in college, I have realized that sometimes you have to change as things change around you. There will be times when you feel like not letting go of your old self and keep wishing for things to go back how they were before. But somewhere along the lines you have to accept that life doesn't go on by complaining about the things around you. Life goes on by going to new places and searching for new dreams. 

So from today, I am going to try and be a little less stubborn and a little more hopeful. Because I can already see the light peeping in from the end of the tunnel :)

The view from my office

A photo posted by Ritika Tiwari (@ritikatiwari) on

PS : I know I have not been to reply to all the comments and emails coming in and I am going to blame everything on my super tiring schedule. But I promise to get back to you veryyyyy soon

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  1. Hey! Happy Diwali! It can be terrible not to be around family during Diwali...But probably you'll be luckier next time..And maybe your boss will be impressed with your dedication and gives you more brownie points. Either ways, I hope this hard time gives you better returns. :)

    Also Kerala has a lot of haunches with breath-taking views, which you wouldn't have an opportunity to find otherwise. Go for a trek and uplift yourself!
    Don't let the corporate take the life out of you. :) Have fun!

  2. Change is the only thing that doesn't change in our life Ritika. Good that you are getting used to it. Another good thing about this post is, I am very happy that Keralites are not burning crackers. May be they are not interested, not have much time or it isn't their festival at all. But the best part is they are not spoiling our environment.

  3. Happy Diwali!! Making the best out of a situation is really an admirable quality! Keep it up! Give it two months and you'll be blown away by xmas celebrations and lightings. . Did you cover all of tvm or tied down to the desk with the wonderful view?

  4. Kerala is a really beautiful, no wonder its called God's own country. Having stayed in Kochi for few months, and explored from Munnar to Kanyakumari, I must say that it is very green and beautiful beaches. Don't let the loneliness take over you, pack your bags and explore the countryside. Believe me, yoyou will look at this time and remember how lovely it was...

  5. I guess you celebrate onam there and travel back when its diwali! :D But seriously that view from yoru desk is breathtaking!