You can change the future

By Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I have this journal that I keep where I document all my feelings down. Some make it to the blog while some are either too personal or too stupid to share. It is this bright pink coloured diary with a girl printed on the cover, trying to look fabulous in a hat. Honestly, if anyone saw it they would think it belonged to some 14 year old girl obsessed with with everything pink. Just to make everything clear - I am not 14 and I am not into everything pink. I have a pink calculator but that does not count because its a calculator. The math factor cancels out the girly pink factor (My blog, my rules, okay ?)

Today, instead of writing in it, I thought of reading it from the beginning. The first article I wrote in it was somewhere around February 2013 and I posted the it here.  Reading the journal back and reliving every good and bad moment of my life made me realize how much I have grown up, how much I have learnt from my own mistakes.

Though I wish I could go back in time and tell myself it will all get okay in the end. There were times when I really lost hope, when I thought things would never pan out as I wanted them to be. But what I have realized in the last one year is no matter how bad the situation is, there is always a silver lining. You just need to find that silver lining and move forward.

It will be hard, you might feel you have reached your breaking point and you can't go any further. But trust me when I say this - you can always go further. You just have to want it that bad. I had this bad habit of blaming everything on my destiny. When nothing is going your way its easy to say you are just having a bad day to make yourself feel good. But may be its not your destiny, may be its you. Work a little more harder, push yourself more, tell yourself you are better than you think you are.

Nobody knows what the future might hold. You can either get scared of it or you can take that as an opportunity. You can change the future any way you want. All you have to do is decide how you want to change it and make a plan. Stick to your plan and don't stop pushing until you have what you want.

It ain't about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward -Rocky Balboa

Following are some snippets from my diary :
PS - I am not going to explain anything if you think my handwriting is too cryptic. You will always have problems in life, just deal with it dude !

This song is very close to my heart

I did get my passport in the end but I had to go the passport office FIVE times

This is from some movie I can't remember. But it was such an amazing line, I just had to write it down

Hope you have a great day

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  1. Very inspiring and practical post, Ritika. The last quote in the pic was of Rumi, one of the great Sufi Saints.

  2. Great Handwriting! I too had a journal in my college days now when I read that i can't stop laughing

  3. I love the last line Ritika, somewhere between right and wrong, there is a place.. Such a profound thought :)

  4. Once when I said it's all faith someone very close corrected me saying it's all bullshit. .
    We indeed make our own fate and destiny. .

  5. I found your post interesting, its like everyone have the similar problems at this age. Is it some kind of 'thing'?
    Well, I disagree with u on the topic of pushing urself till u get what u want. Sometimes u have to let go, cause u can't control everything or everyone.

    About last pic...i think its the song from movie Rockstar - Meeting Place.

  6. Look back and see where you went wrong.. then make sure you dont find yourself down that path again.
    And as Sid above me has said, sometimes the best thing u can do is to let go...

  7. walking on a smooth straight road wouldn't be fun now. The last line is awesome :) Times, you just need to take it easy and yes as doc said, don't walk down the wrong path again.

  8. I've seen many blogs, but this one is different...full of life's philosophy and inspiring thoughts. Best wishes

  9. This was a delightful post. Glad to have found you.

  10. i love to write down dialogues of my favorite movies tooo.. and lines from my fav books, people... i remember those the best...

  11. I had two diaries filled with personal stuff and important moments. One day, in the heat of the moment, i burned them. I wish I had not burned them. It is the best way to re live your past.

    And your passport thing, reminds me of my experience with the same PSK. I got my passport so late that I missed out on one of the best university's deadline. Had to defer my offer to next year :(

    But like you said, you never know what the future holds. Everything falls where it belongs, in the end.
    And Your post has instigated me to start keeping a journal soon. I regret loosing the old one.

  12. It is a nostalgic moment when you go through all the old diary entries. I have one and sometimes pick it up just to see how my thought process was years back. Loved the last quote "Somewhere between right and wrong....."

  13. Simple yet hard hitting post Ritika. :)
    I have some diaries too. I don't keep them updated. But write when Im on extreme emotions.

  14. A Simple and subtle post. Liked it very much. Our lives are full of ups and downs. These waves keep our life interesting and going, provided we face the challenges and never give up.

  15. Thanks for sharing this inspirational experience .

  16. All your snippets from your journal has made me want to keep one too. I stopped when I started writing blog. :)
    "It will be hard, you might feel you have reached your breaking point and you can't go any further. But trust me when I say this - you can always go further." I really needed to hear this today. Thanks a lot sweetie :)

  17. It gets even better if you keep the journal longer. When I leaf through stuff I wrote 10, 15 years back it's amazing ! And sometimes you realize that you were always full of shit ! :P