My Favourite Hindi Songs : Unplugged 2014

By Friday, August 22, 2014

A few days ago, I noticed there were ants coming out of my laptop's keypad. Yes, ants. When I checked it properly I realized the ants are actually living and having fun beneath my keypad. I know how gross that sounds and no its not my fault, I keep my laptop clean (well, I clean once in 2 months..Okay, may be 3 months). But thank God, I was going to buy a new laptop anyway because I have no idea how to get rid of those ants.

I started backing up my data to the external hard disk when I found this folder full of unplugged songs that I hadn't heard in a long time. My music choices are very weird and very wide. My playlist is probably the only place where you'll find Kishore Kumar and Kanye West together. And I am proud of it. There are a few great songs that are so eternal that you never get over them no matter how many times you have heard it - Whether it is Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi by Kishore Kumar or Slim Shady by Eminem.

So here is a list of all my favourite unplugged songs that I have listened to non stop this year -

Click above on read more to see the list :)

Tadap Tadap Ke 

This is the most epic breakup song I have ever heard.The lyrics are brilliantly written and KK takes it to a whole another level. Everytime I listen to it, I just go into a trance. I could never figure out what was that thing about the song that makes so addicting, but then in this unplugged I realized what it is. There is this thehrav ( ठेहराव)  in it. Yes I wrote this in hindi because I couldn't find any other word that could describe the feeling

My favourite lines -Jism mujhe de kar mitti ka, sheeshe sa dil kyun banaya

O Sanam
I was such a big fan of Lucky Ali and his albums when I was in school and this song was one of my favourites. There is this huskiness in his voice that takes you to another place. I feel there are some songs made only for Lucky Ali. Though, he does less mainstream music now, this unplugged rendition of his old song just makes you feel he seriously needs to make a come back.

My favourite lines - Mil ke bichadna to dastoor ho gaya, yadoon mein teri majbur ho gaya

Lambi Judai
This is the second most epic break up song. I just realized, I have a knack for break up songs. Anyway, this unplugged version is very different from the original one. I know some people still worship the original song by Reshma but I like this version more

My favourite lines - Hijr ki oonchi deewar kyun banayi 

I never really liked Arijit Singh's music. I always thought he just got lucky by being at the right place at the right time. But when I heard this unplugged song it blew me away. He changed the whole feel of the song just by changing the melody. I got to say - amazing work.

My favourite lines - Kaisi teri khud garzi, na dhoop chune na chav

Abhi mujhe mein kahin
No bollywood list is ever complete without Sonu Nigam. This song is probably my favourite hindi song in the last one year. This has everything a great song needs - the lyrics, the melody and Sonu Nigam

My favourite lines - Mar jau ya jee lu zara

Do you have any more songs to add to this list ? Also, really sorry to all those who are not good at Hindi, I am not good at translating Hindi ( Hihihi :D )

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Hope you have a great day

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  1. Ants in a laptop!! I had ants in the fridge and a suitcase tidy up with naptholene. All are my favs the list is wndless

    PS Heard 1973 by james blunt?

    1. I loveeeeee James Blunt, my favourite is Carry You home..its just so sad and perfect at the same time (I don't know if I even make sense )

    2. Good bye my lover is osm song in da world..

  2. Nice list, i was just wondering if i were to make a list, it would be an impossible task to choose. I like so many.

    1. It is impossible !
      I just took my unplugged playlist and these are the most played ones

  3. some beautiful songs ,my favourite has been lucky ali too, Not sue why he has not come out with any new album ..


    1. He really should.. The last song I heard by him was Hairat from Anjana Anjani I think...

  4. Lovely list! :) And ants, yes, I had them in my laptop a couple of years back!

  5. Tadap tadap is my favourite esssstttestttt :-) . Actually even I have this thing for break up songs . So you aren't alone .And even Lucky Ali brings back school memories . Beautiful list !!!

  6. wowwwww....
    I love all these songs except "o sanam"
    I thought , I'm the only one who love these kind of songs but I'm not all alone .
    but Uh mentioned unplugged versions of the given songs .
    can Uh please forward me the link for all the above unplugged songs.
    I don't have unplugged versions..

    1. I am sorry, but no pirated links on the blog :(

  7. wowwwww....I love all these songs except "o sanam".I thought , I'm the only one who love these kind of songs but I'm not all alone .:Dbut Uh mentioned unplugged versions of the given songs .can Uh please forward me the link for all the above unplugged songs.I don't have unplugged versions..pleaseeeee

    1. Hi Himanshu

      I am glad you liked them, but as I said, no pirated no links on the blog