Hibernation v/s Sheer Laziness

By Sunday, July 13, 2014

I just came back from a jog and I feel like I am going to die from sweating too much. The heating is getting more and more torturing, I want to talk to that guy who said monsoon was here.

I never liked working out. Infact I used to loathe it. The sweating part would disgust me to every level. I still remember when i was in school and our sports teacher would tell us to run 2 rounds of the entire ground (That was 2x400m !) I would  run really fast so the teacher wouldn't see me and go into the classroom to eat every one else's lunch tiffin. In my defense, the sports period was just before the lunch break and I used to get really hungry.

I didn't start jogging because of any health reasons, I just started jogging because I realized I had 2 whole months to kill at home and I might as well do something I haven't done before. Plus the shock it gave my family was totally worth. My dad asked me about 5 times whether I had actually gone for a run or somewhere else.

I have got into a sort of hibernation since I got home after my vacation. Well I like to call it hibernation while my mother prefers the term 'sheer laziness'. I sleep, drink, eat in the same room. There have been days when I haven't walked from one end of my house to another (and no my house is really not that big). I hardly go out of the house, and I sort of like it. Its my own version of a relaxing vacation. And its only for one more month so I want to make the best out of it.

Have you played the Clumsy Ninja ?

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  1. I am so jealous of you right now.. I too want to "hibernate".. ;)

    1. Haha.. Its not that difficult, just hide in your room from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk :P

  2. I need hibernation..I am so tired of working.

  3. that is really relaxing time i would say :) i need some of that hibernation


  4. Probably I need a shut down for a while :D

  5. Require a refresh or reload or just reboot....