#100HappyDays : Day 23 - 29

By Friday, February 07, 2014 , ,

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I have been feeling under the weather since a few days. I hope I get well fast, I have a lot of travelling to do in the coming week.

Anyways, in case you are new to my blog, I am doing 100 Happy Days Challenge. I have to post 100 pictures for 100 days of the things that make me happy. Sounds easy ? It isn't !

Leaving you with the pictures for now because I am too drained to write anything else and I have a lot of packing to do

Day 23 :

Day 24 :

Day 25 :

Day 26 :

Day 27 :

Day 28 :

Day 29 :

Previous 100 Happy Days posts :

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  1. A picture speaks a thousand words!
    Congrats on finishing 30 days. . :)

  2. Hey.. How are you doing .. Rememebr me :) oh its been long so dont worry if you dont :)
    Lovely pictures and they speak and say so much truthhhhhhhhhhhh


  3. Loved the challenge! I'm new to your blog. Coming from Indiblogger! :) Loved your space!