#100HappyDays : Day 16 - 22

By Friday, January 31, 2014

In case you didn't notice or you did the horrid crime of not visiting my blog, I have taken up the #100HappyDays challenge. Basically I have to post 100 pictures in 100 days of the things that makes me happy. Sounds simple? It isn't so. How many times do you actually get out of bed in search of things that will bring you joy ?

That is the exact reason why I am loving this challenge. This makes search for a little bundle of happiness when you are unable to. Sometimes when things don't go right and you are pretty sure you are having 'one of those days' trying thinking of the smallest thing that brought a small on your face and that's all it takes to brighten up your day

Day 16 :
I finally picked up the infamous Fifty Shades Of Grey and I have to admit I love that book ! I regret not reading it before. (Judge all you want but I still loved the book)

Day 17 :
I am addicted to this song Royals by Lorde these days. The funny thing is I posted this picture on 25th and on the 26th January Lorde won a Grammy for the same song !

Day 18 :
It was Republic day but for me it was my little cousins birthday. We celebrated with some home made pizza and chinese

Day 19 :
I bought this book last month but couldn't read it because of my exams. The only thing I can say about this is that nothing grips like Grisham

Day 20 :
As Paulo Coelho said  'When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it' . And that is exactly how I got my 1 TB hard disk. Also, thanks dad

Day 21 :
I went to the local mela (fair) with my parents and shooting these balloons is my annual tradition. PS : Zoom in the pic, you can shoot barbie dolls too :D

Day 22 :
A throwback Thursday post from my last birthday. I still remember every bite of that choco almond cake

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  1. All the cakes look so yummy..
    I read all the three fifty shades series.. I too have the royals on loop now a days.. Such a nice song.. :) :)

    1. I am yet to read the other parts of the trilogy but I think I am going to pick it up today only :D

  2. looks like fun couple of dayss...:) heads up to many more happy days...

  3. Such a cheerful post! :)

  4. I have been in that 'i got a book but no time to read' phase for a few months now. . Things are looking better now and I am thinking of going for some light reading. .

    1. I have this habit of reading a book from cover to cover.. if I have to leave the book in between, it just irritates me more. Thats why I only read it when I am absolutely free :/