100 Happy Days : Day 9 -15

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It is Thursday again and I am back with my 100 Happy Days post. (Don't forget to cue the drums)
This week was rather boring since it rained for most of the time and I was stuck at home with chilling cold. I would do anything to see the sun right now, if not that I would totally adjust with some cupcakes.

Day 9 :
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this picture. This has been my mantra since I was 2. My mother says no to about 50% of the things I ask and my Dad says no to, well, 0% of the things. Yes, my Dad is often blamed by others for pampering me too much but if he wouldn't then who would ?

Day 10 :
I saw this adorable pink Casio calculator in a store and I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. I still regret not buying it. I can't find it on any of the websites online, if you find it somewhere do let me know. I would thank you for eternity

Day 11 :
It had been raining continously since morning and the view from our 7th floor apartment was to die for. I mean who needs hill station vacations when you get such a spectacular view from your house.

Day 12 :
The best part of a terrible weather is that you can shop online as much as you want and nobody can judge you. Well, apart from my mother who gives me this deadly look everytime a new package arrives at home. I already recieved the jacket today, phone cover will reach by tomorrow I guess. I am thinking to get that apron too but I don't know what I would do with it since I don't cook :|

Day 13 :
I used to travel a lot when I was in school. We had these week long school trips then there were school competitions that I used to go for but then I stopped travelling when I came in college. But now I have decided I am going to go a new place every month. I am leaving for one next month, lets hope I can keep up the tradition

Day 14 :
The BSNL people finally changed my internet plan and they were a bit generous for providing me with 6.5Mbps speed in a 4Mbps plan. Best day ever !

Day 15 :
A throwback Thursday post from a restaurant called Chlorophyll in Indore. It has the most pathetic food and the most amazing location by the lake.

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Hope you have a great day

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  1. yeaa so true about chlorophyll.. food is seriously pathetic but the location of it makes me go there often btw they have renamed it to BAMBOOS now.. and Rainy season sucks if you haven't been to bombay hospital area specially the service roads,chikitsak nd mahalaxmi then you must.. they are the worst area of indore to live in rainy season.. :/

    1. I hate the whole city during monsoons. I wish I could take a vacation of 3 months during the rainy season :|

  2. are u kidding me.. 6.4mbps!!! they're giving u extra!! they dont even gimme half!
    grumble mumble :D

    1. Haha.. I know I was in shock myself. But you never question the Almighty. He saw how bored I was and blessed with super fast internet :D

  3. Seriously! 6.4 mbps!! That's outrageous! I get dont get even 1/6th of it!!

  4. A pink calculator!! Are you serious??
    Anyways... here you go...



    Happy shopping :)