100 Happy Days : Day 2- 8

By Thursday, January 16, 2014 ,

I am doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge and this is Week One (cue the drums-  Badada bammm )

To be honest, I am loving this challenge. It sort of makes you search for a reason to be happy everyday. There are so many little things in life that can bring us happiness but we always fail to notice.
I already posted my Day 1 picture in previous post, so here are the other pictures

Day 2 :
I found this really cute picture online that just made me smile ear to ear. We fight the most with people who we love the most, but despite of all our anger they are still the most important people in our lives and we would care for them till the world's end.

Day 3 :
I picked up this book again by Richard Carlson. This book has officially become my Bible. Whenever I am low or feeling hurt I turn to this book. It doesn't help me by giving me solutions, but it imparts this very positive energy into me. If you haven't read this book yet, you must. Trust me when I say this, it will provide you with a positive way of looking at life.

Day 4 :
It was a Sunday and the almighty sun was finally giving little hints of coming out of the clouds. The whole family decided to make a day out of it and we went to our farm house. Sometimes all you need is a little peace away from the city.

Day 5 :
I am from a city where the temperature goes up to 1 degree Celsius in winters and all you can expect is dense fog. Sometimes the visibility is only 50 meters. And the only thing that could bring you happiness is the fog finally lifting up.

Day 6 :
When I am alone at home, I make a playlist with the most loud, psychedelic songs and connect my phone to the home theater system. Do you like my playlist ? Can you suggest more psychedelic songs ? :D

Day 7 :
As the great Joey Tribbiani once said ' Wednesday will always be Pizza night' (Actually he said Friday is always pizza night, but just go with the flow, okay? ).
Long story short, the pizza guy got late, I fought with their manager and got my pizza FREE. Now that's what I call happiness.

Day 8 :
Since it is Thursday today, I decided to do a #ThrowbackThurday post which basically means posting old memories. This is me and my Chacha and I have no idea who's birthday it was

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Hope you had a great day

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  1. I am in Kerala far away the the foggy land of Bhopal. I miss winters!!
    and domino's!!

    1. Its Gwalior actually. Bhopal is great place with a pleasant weather all through the year :D

  2. I loved that cute pic too! :) and that is your farm house! Wow! Super!

    and a free pizza!? well your happy post has me jealous! :D I guess a free pizza like that will make my year! :D leave alone 100 days! :D :D :D

    1. Haha.. For some reason the pizza guy always gets confused while coming to my house. That reminds me, I should order pizza again :D

  3. Day 2's pic is so lovely :D C'mon girl... let's keep going in this challenge. One week at a time :D

    1. Trying to keep up. Its actually easier than I thought :P

  4. Day 2 pic is super sweet. Have bookmarked the book... will check it out soon.A free pizza is true happiness indeed!! :)

    1. Yes Shilpa, you should definitely read the book :)

  5. It seems like day 2 was awesome!

    All the best for the challenge! :)

  6. My emergency go-to book is the last lecture by Randy Pausch. . It such an amazing book. . I haven't read this one till now. . will try getting a copy. .
    Happy that you are doing the challenge very well!

    1. Definitely try to get a read. Would love to see you do the challenge too :)

    2. Well I cannot imagine myself doing the challenge. . I am too sarcastic on life! :P