Back ! Back ! Back !

By Friday, December 27, 2013 ,

After a six month long hiatus, I am finally back to my blog and back to writing. I wouldn't want to bore you with the details but lets just say these last few months have had the most sharp ups and downs I have ever experienced.

And that experience has only made me stronger. I realized that no matter what you do and where you go, if you don't have your loved ones beside you, its not worth it. I also realized that sometimes in order to work on your relations, you need to work on yourself first. We are so stuck on pointing out the other person's mistakes that we forget  may be it could be our mistake too somewhere.

The main thing I learned from all the bad times was that no matter how you feel, chocolate can make everything look better (Or strawberry frosting, which ever is closer).
I was walking alone one day when I discovered a cup cake shop just 2 minutes away from where I live that I had NEVER seen before. It had the best cup cakes I had ever eaten in my life. I had each and every type of cup cake they had in the shop and I can't even describe in words how good it felt after a long harsh day. It was like a sign from god that no matter what, you will always have a reason to smile :)

How have you been ? I want to hear everything !

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  1. Omg tasty Cupcakes in Indore :O .. where? where? where?

  2. Good that you are back to the blog world...
    Happy week end !!!

    1. Thank you Veena..hope you have a happy new year :)

  3. Hi :) Welcome back :) Do you remember me?

  4. Welcome back! keep it coming. . :-)

  5. Chocolates and cupcakes when you are down...hmmm...I wud for sure try it; but then also 100% sure that soon, would get more depressed for those extra calories... :)