Anybody There ?

By Monday, July 01, 2013

And hello from the most erratic blogger you have ever come across !

I have umpteen reasons for not being around here at all but I am going to refrain myself from boring you from the whole story. Basically there were exams then family stuff and then I needed some timeout with a special one. All in all, time well wasted I had say.

My life is taking a pretty chaotic turn right now, I have got more on my plate then I can actually chew. But I think I will survive out of it and I will be just fine. Atleast I like to keep my hopes up. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong about dreaming big but you should never forget big dreams require big efforts and big sacrifices.

 A strange thing happened to me a few weeks back, I was hopping into the elevator for my coaching when this lady in her 40's saw me with my books. I was really tensed about an exam I am going to give in a few months, she smiled at me and said, "Always work hard. There are a lot of things that will leave you in this world but your knowledge and hard work will never disappoint you." I don't know where or how I will be after the end of this year but I am willing to think it will be some place good. Because hard work always pays off.

On that overly dramatic note, I am signing off for now. Do let me know how are you doing and whether you thought I had died ;)

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  1. All the best! Certainly, Hard work pays! :)

  2. wah super inspiring post buddy:) sure u winner..go ahead..v r with u and thats what friends r supposed to be..cheers

  3. all the best for the days to come... inspiration does come from unlikely sources, doesnt it ?

  4. Ritika.. Very nice post.. All the best.. Put in your best effort at what you do without thinking about the end result.. :-)

  5. Erm...I can easily compete with you for the title of the most erratic blogger :D

    Let the chaos give you a moment of calm too.

    Hard work, if nothing else, will give you a good nights sleep, which is treasure worthy :D

  6. Hard work always pays well. Good luck for everything on your plate. Hope you find it delicious :)

  7. Just keep focus and hard work, yea thats it