The Self Love Proposition

By Tuesday, June 04, 2013 , ,

We often find our happiness in the people we love.
We get so dependent on them that sometimes its easy to get dragged into an emotional state where our mood depends only and only on how people treat us.

The self respect and dignity goes because you always put others before you. Not just because you love them but because you think they know better. That they are better than you, which inturn leaves a hell load of anger and frustration inside for everyone around. When in fact its your own fault, people  will only treat you better when you want them too.

I couldn't help but wonder how important self love is for every person. When you don't even think you are worth something, you don't deserve it. Put your foot down, speak your heart out even if that makes you a bitch. Start putting yourself before everyone else, because you only get one shot at life and you might just live it your way!

PS : My exams are the reason behind lack of posts, and my lack of sleep. I feel like I am on auto pilot all the time. I can't even read sentences anymore, all I can read are words and then I try to join them to make sense.

Moving on to a better amazing news, my blog has been nominated for the Cosmo Blog Awards, so vote for me and make me win ! :D

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  1. Wonderfully written.
    I love myself more than anyone else. ;)

  2. Amazing Writing, I just stalked your blog(Indore was the reason)and read it all at once,yeah in a single go ;).
    Nice work.
    Keep Blogging.(More frequent too)