Finding Happiness

By Monday, April 29, 2013

This past month I have been forcing myself to be happy, merely because there was nothing to be sad about. And that lead to a super depressive phase. Well, I had say the mood swings were hard to handle, not for me ofcourse, but for the people around me.

Everyone is trying to find their part of happiness in this world. May be they have different definitions for it, but they are trying each and every day. I feel, may be we are wrong in running behind 'happy ever afters', little bundles of joy is what we should be looking for. Those moments of ecstatic joy when you finally buy the new bike you had been dreaming about, when you find the prettiest shoes and they actually fit, when you have your favourite cheese burger or when you finally get an amazing top score on Temple Run !

I couldn't help but wonder, if 'happy ever afters' are over rated. If happiness is over rated. May be joy is what we should be looking for. The pressure of being happy all the time was too much, atleast for me. I have come to a conclusion that its okay to be on neutral grounds sometimes, and if I really want to have deep ecstatic joy I just have to get my favourite chocolate truffle.

Whats your version of joy ?

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  1. defining happiness is subjective. I second you on that. lovely post.

  2. Nice, I think happiness is a state of mind. Sometimes what one thing makes you happy, doesn't, the next moment. Its all moh-maya.

  3. My version is simple. . A normal boring coffee shop with a good coffee. . Absolute bliss!

    1. My version would include a nice novel on the side too ;)

  4. My version is ordinary.. Spending time with my best friends at chappan(the stairs infront of sleepwell/titan)our usual place and fighting over small things like "aaj paise tu dega etc etc" ...
    P.s - those fights related to money contribution are actual PRICELESS .. :) ♥

  5. In the event happiness has expired performing. Can be enjoyment can be might know about always be searching for. The particular demand of being happy all the time seemed to be too much, atleast for me personally. We've visit some sort of summary that will its ok for being about neutral argument often.