Head Over Heels

By Friday, March 15, 2013

Once in a lifetime everyone gets a chance to live world's greatest love story, a fairytale.

I feel we do meet the love of our life once, some don't recognize it and some just let it go because they are too afraid of that strong feeling.Or may be because they are too scared to get hurt. But love is all about taking chances. And as they say, if its not crazy mad love, its not love at all. It will just be some plain ordinary attraction where you think you are happy but you are actually not.

Great love stories are made when even after having a huge fight you just lie next to each other and fall asleep. Because you know in your heart, that leaving is not an option and that he is the one.

A lot of my friends say they are jealous of me, and I don't deserve a guy like him ( No, I haven't told him that, he'd be giving me a wicked smile if I did ! ) I know I have dished out on love at a lot of places in this blog but that's because I wouldn't want anyone to know how madly and deeply I have fallen into it. Head over heels to say the exact thing actually !

Because when I am with him I feel like the luckiest girl in this world. He forces a smile on me even when I don't want to. He tolerates me when I wear candy orange nail polish and bright red jeans. And takes me to pani puri stalls when he can't even gulp down one without choking.

To my best supporter and an even better critic - Happy Birthday !

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  1. God bless you two.. love is always a risk because we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in someone elses hands... but its worth it with the right person.

    1. I think you just have to let your walls come down some time or the other :)

  2. Very few people get blessed with a fairy tale love.. Glad to know you found the love of your life :)Best wishes to you both:)

  3. awwww :) head over heels is the best way to desribe the feeling :) lots of good wishes to you both.

  4. This was super cute. I am soo happy for you!!

  5. Fantastic really like testimonies are designed whenever despite creating a huge fight you merely rest next to one another in addition to drift off. Since you recognize within your heart, that will making is just not a possibility and this he or she is the one.