A Silver Lining

By Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are all so stuck with our everyday routine, with everyday life that we almost don’t think about getting out of it. Everyone thinks they are not good enough to be someone big enough. That they might have huge dreams but they are probably never going to be that good in life. Why ? Because we are ordinary people, and extraordinary things don’t happen to ordinary people like us.

But what if Einstein thought he was just an average kid, that he was not good enough to even pass a history exam because he couldn’t mug up things like the other kids at his school. He never gave up on his dreams,  he never stopped believing in himself. So why would I ?

I feel we all get a chance at living our dreams, sorry not a single chance, several chances at living our dreams. I read this line somewhere  – It’s not over till it’s ALL over. Its not even close to over for me and I am not going to give up on my dreams so soon.
Adele, a five time Grammy winner, I don’t know if you have heard of her but she is one person who has always inspired me. She wrote a whole album when she was dumped by a long time boyfriend, and was almost suicidal. Today, that album is a multiplatinum hit and made her win all those Grammys. So, I think every cloud does have a silver lining to it.

To sum up, I am pretty positive that silver lining will come through soon, for me and for everyone else around. We just have to not give up and keep moving. Because if it’s your dream and you really want it then it’s worth keeping 

One of my favourite songs these days

Have a good day

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  1. "...several chances at living our dreams" thats a very important point.
    Thanks for this... came at a much needed time.

    1. Same to same situation Roshan ;)

    2. p.s. unrelated but my latest post is one u would like, i figure... a tv comedy sitcom laden one :D


  2. Nicely timed article! I got such a chance and I was not sure if I should take it or not, but guess I'll take that. . A once in a life time offer!

  3. Its around the next turn :) so keep moving :)

  4. Hello,

    Ur posts are a fresh take on everything. Its fun reading ur blog.
    I have nominated you for the liebster award. Congrats!! :)

    Here is the link to the post:

  5. Appreciate you bloogging this