What NOT To Do On A Date

By Wednesday, January 09, 2013

You really liked this girl, took her out on a fabulous date ( according to you) , but she doesn't call you anymore ? To top it all off she has started butchering you up in front to of her friends.
Ofcourse it was your fault, Darling. You can never blame it on the girl.

I get sick to my stomach by just watching how stupid guys can be on a date (Especially, hot guys. Non-hot guys,No offence ). More importantly I feel bad for my girls. Sitting through a terrible date is the worst torture of all.

 So here is my list of all the things a guy should never do on a date, make this your holy grail manual and read it before going out. It might just do that pretty girl some good. Amen !

  • Forget to pick her up - You already lost half of the game, Dude !

  • Forget to see her off - And there, you lost the whole game

  • Wear super fancy clothes - If you are wearing fancier clothes than her, then you are overdressed. How to make sure you are not overdressed ? Thats your problem, not mine.

  • Wear super casual clothes - Don't you dare wear those slippers ! I don't care if they are Nike, they are still slippers

  • Ride your bike unnecessarily fast - When are guys ever going to get it, no girl likes speeding. Get over it ! Also, since we are at this point, 99 percent of the girls hate those Royal Enfields,please please get over that too

  • Talk about your ex, or worse hickeys !

  • Check out a girl on the next table - Save it for later

  • Check your phone too much - This is even worse than checking out some other girl. When you sit in front of her put your phone on silent and forget about it
  • Forget dessert - If it were me, I would have never called you back. EVER

Why this pic, you ask ? Well because you should have 'Unagi' while you are on a date. Also, I love David Schwimmer 

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  1. Girls dont like Royal Enfield? :/
    I like 1% girls only now. :D

    and add more tips. more tips.

    1. I just wrote that to sound hopeful..I am yet meet that 1% :P

  2. Wonderful pointers! Hope the guys are reading and learning!
    What about, "Do not lie or do not brag"?

    1. Oh yes, Do not lie or brag !

      I am so sick of guys who only start their conversations with 'Meri Mercedes/ Mere Friend ki Mercedes/ Mere Neighbour ki Mercedes :|

      Just get over the freakin Mercedes !

    2. My thinking during a date is totally opposite of what you mentioned.
      I start with the poorest thing even though I am least vaguely related to it.
      In short, I make the date realize that I am not so rich even if I am.
      This way I can make out if she wants just a time pass relationship or a REAL one :D

  3. WHAT girls dont like royal enfields .. THE KING of Indian bikes .. now that is not right ..

    Ah well sorry to say but dont need a date then :)

    and how about the TWO of you be normal...


    1. It might be the king of bikes..but I still hate it and each n every girl does
      I know my boyfriend is reading this and planning to kill me at the same time :P

  4. dont be overdressed - so no Rajnikanth moustache, Elvis jacket and HIMYM red cowboy boots ???

    damn.. so thhhhhhhaaaaaats why i dont do well in dates !!!
    Thou hast enlightened me :o

    1. Those red boots and elvis jacket would go sooo well together :D :D

  5. Hi Ritika,

    So, no super fancy or super casual. Then, what does he wear?

    Awesome pic, I loved that episode of Friends where he goes around saying Unagi in that weird tone. :) :) :)


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    1. You have to decide on a safe outfit..somewhere between super casual and super fancy :P

  6. But I can check out the girl when she s not looking rt??
    I shall take a print out and stick it on my wall!! :P
    I am gonna watch that Friends episode now!! Just can't resist 'em!!

    1. Beware Rohan, I have heard girls have a wider vision than men :P

      And you still haven't watched that episode yet ? Its the funniest one..I almost fell laughing while watching that. David Schwimmer is just amazing

    2. Of course I have watched it! I should have mentioned 'again' there!

  7. Hahahhahaha...this was a fun read :D

  8. 5 minutes well spent reading this post.

  9. This post needs max promotion!!
    The list covers all the big goof ups guys generally do...

    With every passing point I my head went nodding in agreement...

    Great post... keep blogging:)

  10. hahahah this is too good! havent dated anyone for over 7 years now- :P but I do remember bumming into these crackheads! ;)

  11. This post is priceless. Where can I find out more?

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