A Late New Year

By Friday, January 04, 2013

I know I am a little late in saying this but a very Happy New Year to everyone around !
My new year's eve was depressing, I had an exam on 31st and I slept really early. Its finally an end to one month exam torture,the main reason why I couldn't post anything for so long. And now I am back at home where it's 2 degree Celsius,right now I am wearing 2 sweaters and one jacket, tucked in bed but it still feels SO cold.

Going over the good parts, I finally bought a new phone this Christmas, Xperia S and its freaking amazing  (1.5 GHz processor, 32GB inbuilt memory, 12MP camera, super awesome display- need I say more ?)
The bad part- people around me are sick of the constant blabber I do about my phone. But when something is so pretty you have to praise it, right?

Also,I am not taking up any resolutions this year, I am just going to try and be a better person. Not better in anyone else's eye but myself. This year is going to be about me - I am going to do what I want and say what I need to say. Try and be more independent and stop relying on others. Because the best feeling  in this world is when you don't need anyone else just to be happy.

On that over-the-top philosophical line, I am signing off. Promise to post much more this year

                                                  A few pictures from the past week

1.My pen stand - notice the little stars on it ? That's the total amount of super 
sh*t I had to survive this year/2. Christmas Tree in a mall/
 3. Last night of my exams/ 4. My current WhatsApp picture

Hope this new year makes all your wishes come true :)

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  1. happppppy new year !
    hadnt really considered a sony for android.. for some reason head has always imagined samsung/htc... but the configuration is awesome :)

    1. It was either this or S2 and this one is actually better than S2. Plus there is no competition with sony's lens and music quality!

      And Happyyyyy newww year to you too !

  2. Happy New year!!!!!

    i bought a new phone too ... Htc explorer and its good in 7.5k budget... and yeah 'm happy wid it....... finally we both god rid of NOKIA :D

  3. ha ha.. the "exception handling" is so funny... i almost went back to my own E&C days.. darn, those exceptions! eating life out....

    1. Definitely eating out my life Sneo :(

      I still have to give my SCJP exam next month

  4. Happy New year :)

  5. Late new year wishes too!! Hope you are done with the exams.. And I am a die hard sony fan! I am waiting for them to roll out some new models this year. .

    1. I have never been a sony fan. The last Sony product I owned were those tape recorders in the 90's but this one just stole my heart :D :D

  6. I have already been driving me to get happy, just mainly because there is nothing to get depressing concerning. And this cause a brilliant depressive phase. Effectively, I'd declare this feeling shifts had been difficult to manage, not really personally ofcourse, however for the folks close to everyone.