Hello December !

By Saturday, December 15, 2012

Probably a little late hello, but I just realized it a little late. Not my fault (Hmmph). 

I can't believe it's December already, the Mayan Calendar is coming to an end and you have no idea how excited I am to see what happens on 22nd December ! I know how the calendar ends, and there is very teeny-weeny possibility we might all die plus I don't even have a charter plan to fly away from all of it but it just sounds so exciting. If we get through this, I can proudly tell my grand kids I survived 2012.

Also, it's finally WINTERS my favourite time of the year ! I love that cold chilly breeze and endless fog, there is just something so amazing about all of it. Coming from a place where the temperature almost reaches zero degrees at the end of December, Indore has been disappointing. It's just 15 degrees and I see people wearing sweaters and jackets. On top of that they have the courage to ask me why I am not wearing one ! Because darling, it's not cold enough for me. Get over it. 
But still it gets okay-ish cold at around two or three in the night, and nothing beats staring the sky in such lovely weather.
 I can't believe this year is ending already and I can't believe I say that almost every year. But still it has been good this far (not trying to jinx it, still 15 days left) 2011 sucked big time, I am glad 2012 was a bit bearable.
I am looking forward to the coming year for a lot of reasons, there are a lot of changes which I have no idea how I will handle but I am trying to be optimistic.

My new year resolution is to try not fall or slip in public places from next year. It happens a lot, and it has got more annoying and even more hurting. The last fall hurt my back so bad, it still hurts.

By the way, is anyone else making new year resolutions ?

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  1. I had a horrible 2011 and 2012 carried a bit of that after effects of 2011, but by itself, 2012 was a good year - got a new job, stories got published etc.
    New resolutions : hmm... unlike Calvin, still have a ways to go to be the PERFECT person I wanna be :)

    1. Hope 2013 will be even more better for you Roshan :)

  2. 2011 gave me my bundle of joy and 2012 saw him turn one. And 2012 brought me to Blogosphere too.
    Resolutions.. hmmm.. I have to first take a resolution to stick to my resolutions !!! :)
    Wish you a wonderful 2013!!!

    1. Haha, I have the same problem ! I never stick to them

  3. Ritika - same pinch even I fall down every now and then and most embarrassing that I remember is falling down flat on my face in front of the Buckingham Palace!! Just like how we would bow down in a temple!

    Lovely post ... Happy new year you in advance !! Let the new year absolutely accident free for you !!

    1. Buckingham Palance ? You definitely beat me in that :P

      Haha, thanks so much and a happy new year to you too !

  4. Lots of changes coming my way too in 2013 somewhere we are alike i feel but the difference is 2011 was amazing for me and 2012 Suc*** big time. hoping for a better 2013. as far as resolution goes i dont have one as of now.
    happy new year to you all in advance.

    December Blues

    1. Let's hope it turns out great for both of us Dikshal :)

      Happy New Year to you too !